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From the C-Suites to the Media, When It Comes to Energy, We Need More Balance, Less Fear


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Jewish World Review

Salena Zito

August 2, 2022

IMPERIAL, Pennsylvania — In the last 22 years, protecting and caring for the planet has gone from a "we're all in this together" part of our culture to a political wedge issue. And it isn't just your average pedestrian wedge issue that surges and wanes with each election cycle. No, this one is volatile, vengeful and all-consuming.

We were once a country that worked together in cleaning up pollution and using technological and scientific developments to produce energy cleaner and safer. But a lurch leftward has turned environmentalism into a one-sided virtual religion from which no deviation is permitted. Anyone who disagrees is instantly labeled a bigot or otherwise irredeemable person.


*For those of you who rely on politicians and the media, for much of the past 20 years, you have been trained to believe that climate change is the end of the world. Nearly every aspect of our culture that touches your life has echoed that dire warning: corporations, institutions, government, academia, Hollywood and social media have all had a hand in it. From the coffee you drink to the school supplies you buy for your children, you can't escape the message that fossil fuels are killing us, turning our planet into a blazing inferno.

The problem with this avalanche of opinion is the failure to educate ourselves and our children on the other side of the story in a meaningful way.


The energy industry cannot hope to get balanced coverage from the national media, which will glorify the Al Gores of this world while dismissing the Yanchaks.

And then, the same journalists who write those stories will wonder why working people's votes have changed so much in recent years.



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