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Wait, have the Murdochs really turned against Trump?


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Last week two of Rupert Murdoch’s papers ran editorials critical of Trump on the same day, causing the commentariat to chatter about whether it was a coincidence or something more. Probably a coincidence, I thought. What are the odds that the 91-year-old Murdoch or his powerful son Lachlan is dialing up editors to push some official anti-Trump line from the very top of NewsCorp?


Uh, the odds are surprisingly good if you believe the new reporting from the NYT and WaPo.

Evidence that Fox News and other Murdoch properties are trying to steer Republicans away from Trump has been building. A report last year noting Ron DeSantis’s many appearances on Fox quoted one producer as saying, “We see him as the future of the party.” He appeared twice in primetime just last week; meanwhile, the Times points out today that Trump hasn’t been interviewed on Fox since mid-April. His rallies typically aren’t carried live anymore either even though the network found time to air an entire Mike Pence speech last week. Even Trump’s favorite Fox show has taken to noting how well DeSantis is polling against him, which earned them a rebuke from the man himself on Truth Social about having gone over to “the dark side.”

Trump’s nationalist allies have also noticed a change::snip:

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1. 2024 GOP primaries....Let The Games Begin.

2. Thou Shalt NOT say (or even think) anything critical of The Great And Powerful Trump.

3. TOS Not Happy Campers.

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