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November Will Be a Referendum on Democrat Failure


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About 100 days out from November’s midterm elections, congressional Democrats have racked up an impressive number of failures: historically high inflation, falling wages, and a declining standard of living for Americans. Crime rates are skyrocketing and high gas prices are hurting families, and Biden’s supply chain crisis is even forcing some to deal with longer wait times to cool their homes during a scorching hot summer.

Ultimately, the midterms will be a referendum on how complete Democrat control – of the House, Senate, and White House – has failed American families. Biden and Democrats have sent our nation on the wrong course, and the American people are ready for a new direction. Our country needs it.

Let’s take a quick look at what Democrats have passed so far this Congress. The $1.9 trillion “stimulus” they voted for last year – which only had 9% of its funds go toward fighting COVID – fueled today’s massive inflation. It not only wasted taxpayer money on things like pickleball courts, but also funded their far-left wish list including a plan to give out free crack pipes. Unbelievably, in one case it doled out $15 million to teach young kids about critical race theory. I think I speak for many when I say all of this is totally out of step with what is important to Americans.

Families got a broken bargain: money wasted on pet projects in exchange for higher costs for everyday goods.:snip:

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