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Biden Admin Sold 1 Million Barrels of Oil to Chinese-Owned Company Tied To Hunter Biden


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The Biden administration sold 950,000 barrels of oil from the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve to Unipec, a Chinese-owned gas company linked to Hunter Biden. 


Defending the move, the Biden administration claimed that it would “address the pain Americans are feeling at the pump,” claiming that it will “help lower energy costs.” 

The CCP- owned company reportedly is tied to Hunter Biden, whose private equity firm he helped cofound, purchased a nearly $2 billion stake in the company in 2015.

The White House has repeatedly ignored questions surrounding Joe Biden’s involvement in the Chinese gas company, however records suggest Hunter still has a stake in it. 

The Biden administration also claimed sending a million barrels of oil to China would “support American consumers and the global economy in response to Vladimir Putin's war of choice against Ukraine,” while also combatting “Putin’s price hike.” However, even though the company vowed it would no longer purchase Russian oil, Unipec has continued to fuel Russia’s economy by purchasing oil from the country. :snip:

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The Daily Mail Where America gets its news


EXCLUSIVE: VP Joe Biden met with two Chinese energy execs in the West Wing - the FIFTEENTH meeting with businessmen tied to his son's company - who days later sent Hunter a fawning email offering to fix his $102k luxury EV

Josh Boswell

13:30 EDT, 5 August 2022

  • Two executives for Chinese energy company Wanxiang secured a meeting with VP Joe Biden in the West Wing in July 2014, according to White House visitor logs
  • A client of Hunter Biden's company Seneca Global Advisors partnered with Wanxiang in 2012 on a $1.25billion natural gas plant in China
  • Four days after the meeting, one of the execs emailed Hunter offering to service his $102,000 Fisker sports car and inviting the VP's son for a visit 
  • Joe's meeting with the two Wanxiang executives is one of 15 occasions he met with businessmen closely linked to his son 
  • Read the near-unintelligible comment response to this story from Hunter's lawyer, Chris Clark,  below



Joining Wanxiang America president Pin Ni for the White House visit was Wanxiang Resources Co. president Youhong Han. Records show his meeting was at 11am and he left at 12.15pm, after scheduling the meeting with VP just the previous day


Despite this and other damning evidence revealed by DailyMail.com about the president's relationship with Hunter's business partners, Joe and his spokespeople still claim that he never discussed his son's overseas business dealings with Hunter.

Joe's meetings with the other 14 of Hunter's business associates, previously detailed by DailyMail.com,  include:

  • Entertaining Hunter's Mexican billionaire business partners Carlos Slim, Miguel Aleman Velasco and Miguel Aleman Magnani at the Vice President's official residence in 2014
  • Meeting with Hunter's tech startup business partner and big Democrat donor Jeff Cooper at the White House
  • Joining a dinner at a Washington DC restaurant with Hunter's associates former Kazakhstan Prime Minister Karim Massimov and Kazakh oligarch Kenes Rakishev; and Vadym Pozharskyi, an executive at allegedly corrupt Ukrainian gas company Burisma
  • Meeting Hunter's Chinese business partner Jonathan Li on a trip to China in 2013
  • Meeting Tony Bobulinski, a partner in Hunter's controversial deal with a Chinese oil giant, in Los Angeles in 2017, according to Bobulinski's texts
  • Meeting Hunter's best friend, business partner and now convicted fraudster Devon Archer at the White House just days before Archer and Hunter were appointed to the Burisma board in 2014
  • Dozens of meetings with Hunter's consultancy partner Eric Schwerin, who also handled Joe's taxes and visited the White House 27 times during Joe's tenure as vice president
  • White House meetings with Francis Person, a former Biden aide who later pitched Hunter on business in China
  • Manuel Estrella, who partnered with Hunter on Latin American startups, met Joe in June 2014
  • Hunter's former Rosemont Seneca partner and stepson of former senator John Kerry, Chris Heinz, met Joe in the West Wing in April 2011


In 2014 Hunter also bought a Porsche Panamera from a New Jersey dealership using $142,300 sent to his company by Kazakhstani banking oligarch Kenes Rakishev.

The payment was highlighted in a Senate homeland security committee report on the First Son's business dealings in 2020.

Rakishev and former Kazakh prime minister Karim Massimov are two of Hunter's 15 associates who met with the president.

The two men posed for a photo with Hunter and Joe at Washington DC restaurant Café Milano, a dinner which Joe at first denied attending before the photo emerged. Rakishev was discussing potential business plans with Hunter around that time.

The Wall Street Journal reported in March that Rakishev's payment is part of the federal investigation into alleged tax crimes and illegal foreign lobbying by the First Son, and that witnesses were questioned by the grand jury over the money transfer.



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