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Sub Discovers World War II Navy Destroyer 23,000 Feet Under The Sea


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The Daily Wire

 Leif Le Mahieu

Jun 25, 2022


A World War II Navy destroyer was discovered off the coast of the Philippines in the “deepest shipwreck ever located and surveyed,” according to the explorers who found the ship.

Caladan Oceanic, a Texas based underwater exploration group, and EYOS Expeditions found the wreck of the USS Samuel B. Roberts, which had sunk on October 25, 1944. The ship was challenging the Japanese occupation of the Philippines in a battle near Samar, one of the Philippines’ central islands.

“With sonar specialist Jeremie Morizet, I piloted the submersible Limiting Factor to the wreck of the Samuel B. Roberts (DE 413). Resting at 6,895 meters, it is now the deepest shipwreck ever located and surveyed,” Victor Vescovo, founder of Caladan Oceanic, tweeted.






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