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WATCH: Field director for Utah Congressman John Curtis claims boss isn’t really Republican, calls Republican voters crazy


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The Post Millennial

When asked why Curtis won’t publicly come out about his alleged beliefs on abortion, his field director says, “He [John Curtis] won’t win.”

Ashley St. Clair New York, NY

June 21, 2022

Project Veritas has released new footage showing Daniel Stephens, the field director for Utah Congressman John Curtis, calling Republican voters "crazy" and claiming Curtis isn’t really a Republican or pro-life.




Stephens appears to have resigned immediately following a confrontation with James O’Keefe regarding the leaked statements telling O’Keefe, "You can even put that the field director, Daniel Stephens, resigns." O’Keefe asks Stephens directly, "When are you tendering your resignation?" Stephens responded, without hesitation, "Right now."


Jimmy Scores another Hit

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