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God’s General By Samuel W. MitchamApril 28, 2022


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God’s General

By Samuel W. Mitcham April 28, 2022

Neither side in the War for Southern Independence produced a finer or more morally upright man than Richard Montgomery Gano. He was the descendent of a distinguished military/evangelical family. His great-grandfather, John Allen Gano, was born in New Jersey and became a Baptist preacher. He joined the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War, where he was known as “the fighting Chaplain,” and was famous for his bravery in battle. He frequently ignored enemy fire to minister to wounded soldiers. George Washington placed a particularly high value on him and chose Gano to officially declare the Revolutionary War over in a prayer. Gano probably baptized General Washington in the Potomac River, although this is a subject of dispute.

 The first General Richard Montgomery Cano (1775-1815) was the grandfather of the future Confederate general. He moved the family to Kentucky and fought in the War of 1812, where he commanded a regiment. He was breveted brigadier general near the end of the conflict.

 Richard Gano’s father was John Allen Gano (1805-1887). John’s parents died when he was young, and he was raised by an uncle, a tough veteran and a captain in the War of 1812. John became a lawyer, a lay preacher, studied under famous evangelist Barton W. Stone, and worked with Alexander Campbell. :snip: https://www.abbevilleinstitute.org/gods-general/

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