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Woke Capitalism In Retreat?


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Power Line

Steven Hayward

Apr. 24 2022

A lot of leftists are claiming that the move of Florida Republicans to strip Disney’s favorable tax treatment and local governance prerogatives is a hypocritical attack on free speech, but it is nothing of the sort. There is no attempt to curtail the speech or political activism of Disney or any other corporation, though the irony is that the left wants corporate political speech banned or regulated by the government, so what’s their problem?

The message of the Florida bill is simple: if you want to wade into politics, fine. Just don’t expect us to protect your corporate welfare. This is good policy, as well as good politics. Let Democrats be the party of Wall Street and big business.

Meanwhile, there are other signs that perhaps corporate America is rethinking its capitulation to wokery. From the Houston Chronicle:

Exxon’s ban on LGBTQ, Black Lives Matter flags at Houston headquarters sparks employee backlash



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