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Wokeness Wins the Ball Game: Cracker Jack Gets Upgraded to 'Cracker Jill'


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Do you enjoy being taken out to the ballgame? What do you eat with your pack of peanuts?


Thanks to gender equality, the answer should no longer be “Cracker Jack.”


In a men-maiming move, Frito-Lay has repackaged its iconic candy.

Since manly mentions are Jacked up, feminists everywhere can now tear into a box of “Cracker Jill.”

OfficialFritoLay’s YouTube channel boasts an ad in praise of the improvement.

The company subscribes to a contemporarily common concept — people are unable to live aptly unless they see others who look like themselves:

Sometimes all it takes to believe you can do something is to see someone who looks like you do it first.

The Girl Power promo champions change:

With a legacy in sports, Cracker Jack is proud to support the girls and women who are changing the face of the game with a new face of our own.

Introducing…Cracker Jill.:snip:

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