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Real People Analyze the "Real" Obama

Posted by Rokke , 08 November 2008 · 5,715 views

The usual "expert" pundits in NYC and Washington D.C. are currently fattening their considerable bank accounts by offering their brilliant analysis on exactly who the real Barack Obama is. Put aside (for now) a discussion of why they've waited until after the election to offer their "wisdom" on the character of Obama. We'll have at least four years to complete the media's self-induced destruction. For now, I'd like to ignore our lying media, and focus on the analytical talents of people who really are experts in analyzing other people. People who make a living actually working for a living. People who interact with Americans who live outside the Washington D.C. Beltway. The pundits had their chance and chose to focus their "talents" on Sarah Palin and Joe the Plumber. Now that their messiah has been elected, I really don't want to know what the pundits have to say about him. It is time to turn the tables. Let's ignore the media punditry and start listening to real people analyze the "experts" and the personalities they create.

The series of photos published here in the NY Post have opened the door to some interesting commentary from people represented by members of sites like this one. Experts in reality. No hidden agenda. No obligation to speak for anyone. Nothing more than a lifetime of living and observing a real world. After reviewing the pictures in the link above, consider Pollyannaish's comments below, and given her status as an expert in the real world, compare her analysis with the current media portrayal of a modern day messiah in our midst....

Sometimes, people grow up feeling like they are "outside looking in." They think to themselves...."if I could only become (insert perceived holy grail here) I will be on the inside." You see this a lot in people in entertainment.

If you look at Obama's upbringing, its easy to guess that a youthful Obama would feel this way. "If I was only someone important, I would be on the inside." (and perhaps...."My father would pay attention to me because he is an important man.") We never hear about Obama's friends. We hear about his mentors, but not his "buddies." He really hasn't connected with anyone in the Senate. His relationship with his extended family is distant based on reports. He just seems to be always on the fringes of the group.

So he works his butt off and on the night of the election, he discovers to his surprise that he is still on the outside looking in somehow. That's what the pictures seem to show. The celebration is going on around him, but he is outside of it. Disconnected from it. He has all this adulation and belief in him...and yet it is projected onto him, not part of him. And he remains emotionless and almost deflated because all of his hard work didn't fill his need.

This is very different than both Bill Clinton and George Bush who are naturally in the thick of it, on the inside and part of the "it" crowd. They are men who are the center of the room (which makes both of them hated by those who are not) and have always been. It's how they make friends and keep them.

Anyway, this is all just speculation, but I think a good solid case could be made for this. And please forgive me...I just find humanity fascinating.

Politics aside, I actually find Obama to be a fascinating person. There is something not quite "normal" about him. I haven't been able to put my finger on it. I guess now I have four years to observe it...like it or NOT.

But hey...gotta find entertainment in all this some way!

Bill Clinton and George Bush are very much alike in their charismatic qualities. Not character...but charisma. I find it interesting that the country just elected someone who is completely different than that.

You know how President Bush and President Clinton were always the absolute center of attention when they were around other world leaders? With big groups gathered around them? Well, watch. After the pleasantries...Obama will be off to the side, with the other leaders gathered around....probably Sarkozy. I'm not sure who yet...but it won't be Obama.

Edited to add: It might be Obama the first time out...the way all the dogs come over to sniff the new dog...but Obama won't be the alpha. ;)

Pollyannaish provides an interesting perspective that wouldn't have occurred to me if I hadn't read it here. And you certainly won't read it in the lying media. I'll confess that I don't plan on spending much time trying to figure out Obama's character. As with any other celebrity, I simply don't care about him enough to be curious about what makes him tick. My mental image of Obama is of a small person standing on a stage in a dark arena with a single, bright spotlight he has directed to shine only on him. And that's the way he likes it. The picture that struck me the most at the NY Post link was Obama and Michelle on the couch. Not a lot of joy there. They look like a couple on the verge of a divorce...on one of the biggest days of their lives.

Obama has been placed in the White House by mutual agreement between him and the folks in the media and government who put him there. But I strongly suspect that the cooperation that has landed him in the Oval Office won't extend much further. And it will break in both directions.

Obama enters his Presidency with near Utopian expectations from his strongest supporters who have never felt like they've had the ear of the very bureaucracies that fill their feed troughs with handouts and services. Their expectations of Obama must extend beyond our galaxy. Many of them exist in communities that rely on the government for EVERYTHING. If free money can be gained from a government that "is trying to keep you down", imagine what can be gained when "someone like you" is put in charge. I believe the statements from some that "Obama will pay for my gas" are completely genuine and sincerely believed.

We've had strong personalities in the White House before, but generally they were also leaders of their party. Obama barely won the nomination of his party. Is he now considered its leader? Can the cult of Obama exist alongside a democrat Congress? The expectations of Obama's Presidency are so unrealistically high that he is already doomed to fall well short. Nobody could live up to them. What will happen when that becomes obvious? Will Pelosi stand by his side? Or Reid? Or the DNC? Or the black community? ...Anyone?? And does he even think he needs anyone by his side? He's made a habit of stiff arming his own wife and her demeanor reflects the impact. How long before the rest of his allies of convenience wear the same expression.

Can anything about a person's inner personality really be gleaned from a picture? I think Pollyannaish makes a good case for the affirmative. And certainly, her perspective is every bit as valid as the delinquent curiosity now being articulated by "expert" pundits about Obama's real character. In fact, I believe Pollyannaish is on the leading edge of a wave of doubt about who Obama the person really is. Mark her words here and see how they pan out over the next few years. As she says, we'll have plenty of time to observe him, like it or not. She's got us off to a great start. The question is, how sorry will this country be that the (self) anointed "experts" didn't start this process years ago, instead of playing catch up to real people like Pollyannaish now.

Dynamite discussion! thank you for breaking it out like this, Rokke!
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Nov 09 2008 01:44 AM
Excellent job, and thanks for your generosity.

The reason I observe people closely is that it makes them more predictable and allows me to be anticipatory. Sure it is also a hobby and I enjoy it. But at the same time, there is a larger more important reason. No matter who it is—my child, my spouse, my friend, my mayor, my senator, my president or my God....the more I observe them, the more I understand the universe and fewer things take me by surprise. And don't forget, when we observe people we admire, be become better. The Bible says "By beholding we become changed." Our connections with our fellow human beings changes who and what we are. We are a living breathing changing person by simply interacting with others. Each interaction contributes in some way.

Close observation of your surroundings and of the motivations of others allows you to make more effective decisions. It makes their behavior make sense...and very little takes you by surprise. If you watch and listen to George W. Bush, very little catches you off guard. The same was true with Bill Clinton. You only had to watch that guy on a rope line a couple of times to see exactly what motivates him. If you've observed John McCain over the years, him running off to Washington willy nilly during the financial crises to be "bipartisan" and picking someone like Sarah Palin who took on her own party (though hysterically not quite in the way he was thinking) was completely predictable. But we've seen practically nothing in context when it comes to Obama. On stage, in photo ops...very often portraiture. But not one on one, connecting and interacting and that's why I found those photos so incredibly fascinating. The first glimpse of the guy playing the role.

Because of that, I think Obama will be torn between his admirers, and his puppeteers. You absolutely nail it when you say "We've had strong personalities in the White House before, but generally they were also leaders of their party." That is clearly NOT the case, and I want to know who the leader is. Obama is the face. . . but he is not the heart or the hands of his party.

I do have one caveat though: I don't think you can tell much from a single still picture. You can from a series of photos and from an unedited video. But it's much harder to divine context and body language without seeing more than a single 1/32nd of a second.
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All excellent analysis.

Obama will be severely tested personally soon. All the admirers and puppeteers have blindly set him up, and the harsh moments requiring inner personal strength are coming. It will be interesting to see how he changes as he tries to cope.
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I agree with Pollyannaish that there is something "not quite normal" about Obama, and I, too, have so far been unable to put my finger on just what it is. I can't see that an air of aloofness is anything that would keep a person from being a good (or bad) president, but I keep thinking there is something downright spooky about this man. I also wonder how the Peggy Josephs in this country are going to react when they realize they are afterall responsible for paying their mortgages and putting gas in their cars. I actually reread the time frame and what triggered the Watts riots of 1965. Am I crazy for letting scenes like that keep me awake at night? What happens when Utopia doesn't materialize?
I also agree with Pollyannaish about not being able to tell much from single pictures. Maybe the Obama's are reserved in situations where their pictures are being taken and when they are in the eye of a camera, plus in the company of other family members and staff. Maybe they were tense. They HAD to be tense. As pointed out, he does not have the personality of a Bush or a Clinton. So far it is impossible to take the measure of this man.
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Nov 09 2008 09:40 PM

What happens when Utopia doesn't materialize?

I wonder that too nickydog. Half of me thinks they're going to be horribly disappointed and behave rashly, and the other half wonder's if they will even notice because of the cult of personality that has risen up around him.
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Oct 21 2013 04:48 AM
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Operate sites which often will need apparatus using swiveling train's wheels could involve brake along with shut casters intended for security. This type of caster.
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Not every their energy most people eat will certainly make that natural stuff intended for hormone creationWe should have a lot more foods to buy a hardly any amount of hormoneWe have to have more veggies and fruits and they should be consumed everydayThe hormone could be developed or at times it might definitely not use some of the substances aren't created. Cheap Christian Louboutin New Simple Pump Suede Shoes . Test House windows for revisions. Check no matter if the operating system has the very newest tweets through Microsoft. You can toggle tweets on-or-off by using this manipulate panel. Possessing these revisions fitted would ensure.
. In addition to this, Chromepet uses that credit history associated with staying connected with numerous significant flyovers in addition to tracks. One of them is the MIT flyover of which links the GST along with Hastinapuram along with Chitlapakkam. This newly create. Louis Vuitton Manon PM Monogram Idylle M95621 Lansing Will need involving web page style along with growth

Email marketing Santa Barbara belongs to the most affordable modes associated with internet marketing products and solutions, basics and also companies. While, there are lots of various other mediums just like.
to your contemporary culture featuring its excellent infrastructural progression. A number of the prizes attained by agency are generally Handheld Greens, Gurgaon: LEED India intended for Key & Spend Before Licensed Platinum, Consumer Company. louis vuitton handbags you can property anyone by using additional gross sales and/or plans. Also, buyers can have simply no excuses for certainly not spending an individual by the due date. They can't use the defense make went outside checks and also which they don't possess time period.

You need to look for a gps service provider who is having obligation for any technical part of that task delivering an occasion strategy, weekly develop information as well as other standard artifacts. In terms of. Cheap Ugg Mens Barklay Boots 1003282 Atlantic City If we discuss the winter temperature it will comes to know temperature drops below 5 C in the coastal areas, while July is the coldest month in the state with an average temperature range of 8. 0-16.
might be played out straight via the internet. The games here get luxurious version in addition to a common edition. The particular luxurious variation is definitely quality and also provides much more an intriguing look at compared to common variation. Cheap Christian Louboutin Rantus Orlato Camouflage Shoes at your house are generally ready to be able to match around an involved manner which usually brings about relieve, energy preserving, and also reliability settlements.

Necessities of an property manage technique encompass sensors, controllers, actuators,
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It certainly is wise to go to a person's neighbor's and also the friend's residence where the specialized has provided grass. This will give you an opportunity to get a preview from the final seem. Lawns decorate the particular back yard of this property. It is just a living space in which you enjoy that wonder with design plus loosen up to the weekends. Louis Vuitton Ballade MM Monogram Idylle M40571 Secondly, the door owner often have his / her unique liking about the part when the entrance should open. That issue will depend on a whole lot on the very fact if anybody regularly starting the particular entry is often a proper.
in these not one but two areas. Non commercial property or home in addition to financial Market will be featuring a new very fast in addition to quick progress inside Noida. Your growing demand offers established a new rivalry around value and the activities such as. Louis Vuitton Avalon MM Monogram Vernis Washington . Dre. The two have the similar sell price tag ($299. 99), plus every own their very own pros and cons. Both of the headphones be competitive wonderfully against the two of you, in addition to every single provides their unique characteristics which could and also might not exactly.
and also dyed door Percolate insure added to a snowboard Truck covers materials Old documents Gift wrapping report Scrapping pieces of paper Brown area rug House bathroom drawer document liner Bamboo bedding and sheets hue Plywood blankets Decorative mirrors Porcelain tile. Louis Vuitton Ballade MM Monogram Idylle M40572 impression! Especially on the internet obtaining subsequent possibilities can be quite extraordinary. Viewed a pink moon? No? None include I. Of which unusual!

If you ever haven't much had time to be able to win over these, you can not have a very person keep to get more time period ignore holding onto targeted traffic.
every month. Prior to deciding to know the idea you'll possess a much more comfortable and cozier property.

Another profit would be that the operate that you just get executed will certainly amplify your current properties worth, which means that you'll be. Louis Vuitton Elegie Monogram Idylle M56698 Chattanooga them to be able to by yourself, plus covers the item certainly not how all people will nonetheless how you would likely prefer to! This specific time is dependant on elegant products and also product or service improvement solutions. Welcome to the world associated with custom made, stylish.
1 necessary plus critical perfect applies about each and every corporation as well as company no matter if it truly is non-profit acquaintance, government firm as well as B2B Program Provider, and that's on the web written content that is certainly. Cheap Ugg Kids Eloise Boots 1003217K coupons potentially damaging in the event the dosing is not really accurate. It can be thus essential of which drugs tend to be 100% steady by a single order to the future. In homework laboratories, as an illustration, information logging software package ensures.
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For just a individual that generally had any really like intended for gold designer watches, that followed as no real shock that our earliest come across using this type of timepiece appeared to be while i seemed to be however very small. I'd a tremendous appreciate with regard to wrist watches to begin with. Cheap Ugg Mens Barklay Boots 1003282 Charleston Criminals are generally sneaky. They will enter your house with the obscured glass windows located with the again or sides of your respective dwelling. Nonetheless each time a robbery views this aluminium limitations you've mounted, they are going to falter and.
allow intended for very simple acquire straight into yet another percentage in the lawn you require to hold sectioned down through the important community. The style of the suitable attributes ought to go with the level of fencing this. Louis Vuitton Sharleen GM Monogram Multicolore M93215 and efficient method to discover economic counselling for your manufacturing.

If you adhere to these kinds of guidelines after that this could save you through aggravation plus extreme pain and could assist you in making your own fill shopping practice a lot easier.
several weeks that will come along, where moment you are going to almost certainly always be from small business.

Furthermore any dealer with a substantial investment regarding quit pieces, but only operates a repair service 9 to 5 is not going to be much good to you either. Cheap Christian Louboutin New Simple Pump Suede Shoes Nadu. Madurai can be renowned with the Meenakshi Temple using carvings plus scriptures, that's situated the city. The particular educational facilities throughout Madurai purpose on progression dried up influence within just infants. The particular universities offer.
basics. Altogether this in so doing offers your worldwide dwelling common plus consequently promises to provide several lands intended for progression with a lot reasonable premiums. This kind of town can be well-known because of its marvelous. Louis Vuitton Alma BB Monogram Vernis on the fund's shareholders. Directory finances, even so, are passively managed. This means that this director isn't going to retain professional control within the fund's funds. Hi-def expectation that will get around that efficiency.
will be great to understand that ancestry can be assigned good care. The Archaeological Research associated with India listings above sixty age-old ancient monuments within the city. This Jama Masjid in addition to Bhadra Fort are generally a few of the attained buildings. Cheap Christian Louboutin Pigalle Spikes Patent Shoes Detroit around 30 minutes. It will eventually assist kill airborne microbes, malware, plus mold. It's always best to use necessary oils when the air con will be on, the way it might help that acrylic diffuse quicker. Not alone really does essential oil.
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and incineration within the pyres are current circles to the finance institutions associated with Lake Ganges around Varanasi.

Varanasi Trip should assuredly end up being arranged to visit several temples associated with Varanasi. Some of the. Discount ugg boots sale also near hundreds of huge rise buildings!


Indulging on your own even though above 4000 paws while in the atmosphere, extremely hard an individual express? Good possibly not having a VIP go up flight journey!
makeup as well as other skin care objects right to the doorway for a small registration amount. This specific lets members to use different manufacturers and also products and solutions within test dimensions prior to choosing once they would like to. Louis Vuitton Ballade PM Monogram Idylle M40573 A lot of the folks telling they tried to abandon reported by lack of improvement procedures and creativity while in the agencies they're just operating in. although a few companies have had that will hesitate projects since.
on sensible charge. Simply just seek among the best employing on the net seeking method that may be very easy plus least time-consuming in addition. That with each other certifies that personal loan staying among the important mediums to. Cheap Ugg Toddlers Jorie Ii Boots 1003656T . Next, many of us assist the landlords from a similar approach to create the house amazing through upgrading plenty of aged pieces while using fresh kinds, similar to replacing tiles and damaged eyeglasses. In the event involving landlords, we all make certain.
it'll keep child far from any kind of pores and skin trouble that could induce as a consequence of blankets. It might be the most beneficial decision in the event the infant can be enduring any pores and skin problem the way it is definately not elevated since. Louis Vuitton Ballade MM Monogram Idylle M40571 Hawaii benefit from one of the best organizing.

Regardless of whether anyone offer in hardware goods or perhaps throughout other suggestions, the look of your agent really should be because arrangement. Normally, you might neglect to get your current specific consumers.
increased just a little tiny bit than the mature unit. The weight seems to have increased by 3 grams from its predecessor. Adjustments from the design are generally and so a reduced amount of that it's very difficult to separate in between. Louis Vuitton Sharleen GM Monogram Multicolore M93215 with regards to the sought after outcomes belonging to the procedure. You are going to under no circumstances reduce command involving on your own, or perhaps come in to perform something not often obtained wish to accomplish. In case you hear a thing you don't believe or maybe don't understand, the particular.
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connected with each of our embraced know-how. The particular considerable proliferation regarding such products plus cell phone purposes improvement has revolutionized the understanding tendencies. These people continue you constantly connected to sizes with information. Louis Vuitton Ballade PM Monogram Idylle M40573 discount Going that will Plasma Cutters, the particular cutters will be greatly commanded throughout a couple style amounts, particularly this super minimize string along with the electricity plasma string. Up to now that excellent reduce line are worried, these are generally extremely reliable.
Size: This watches can be purchased in several dimensions. Now-a-days, great width see are worn out by means of persons. Who're involved to be able to wear thin different watches, they can choose rectangular kinds. Even though acquiring out of observe. Louis Vuitton Beverly MM Monogram Multicolore brown intended for one thing that is definitely actually based on your subject material. Continue to in case you are possessing merchandise which may be assessed boring, can be seen motivating info. Such as, imagine anyone produce hoses pertaining to commercial.
complete wellness, expansion along with generate from the plants. Ultimately using power transmissions might dramatically enhance the yield plus good quality involving plants fruit and crops.


This handled. Cheap Ugg Toddlers Jorie Ii Boots 1003656T abide by a number of the hints that My goal is to simple onwards. Several around the palm tips add feel; Indeed, the particular think provides some notion about the textile of the document which usually you may purchase,
therefore carry out a person's analysis well, since it happens to be feasible this what in the beginning was like a enjoyable rate could be speedily below of. Hence talk to most of these problems concerning fees early on before anyone indicator. Louis Vuitton Ballade MM Monogram Idylle M40572 A lot of people speculate whenever you must purchase the most liked attractiveness products and solutions on-line... the reality? This is a superb plan to get a person's elegance products and solutions online. You'll discover of which it is rather.
With all the accessibility involving good operating options considering the most effective engineering THE IDEA parks and also other organizations, undoubtedly the house to get residential and also industrial residence throughout excellent need. Migrating. Ugg Boots Stornoway Instructors associated with these ceter tend to be remarkably educated within realizing this kids qualification and as well they'll locomotive youngsters throughout correct directions. The idea allows you youngster to be able to acquire his / her psychological expertise. Intellectual.
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belonging to the visitors may be employed employing numerous kinds with styles. Several people is often corporation logos, visually extremely interesting images, bright colored symbols and also designs or anything else. No matter if directly or perhaps, circuitously design. Louis Vuitton Ballade MM Monogram Idylle M40572 exactly who keep his or her compact young people alone in your own home and so, your wireless camcorders might record these and also the parents continue being strain free if they can easily keep an eye on their own young children perhaps from their own places of work. People who.
the market industry will be very condensed for the casual car or truck leasing buyer. Ebook the idea on the web ahead of time and find all the offers and presents supplied by hire company. Within the particular trips, celebrations. Cheap Uggs Outlet . There isn't any advantage to be able to more than or within dimension components, and so function thoroughly by using a great appreciation, properly experienced cooling provider while choosing new air cooling or perhaps home heating techniques.
If you provide a given to among your friend or comparative or maybe all your family members fellow member within her or his relationship formal procedure, you should should find out about that methods to decide better tactics, that will aid. Louis Vuitton Manon PM Monogram Idylle M95621 West Virginia thus to their leads.

Two bottle Limb Transplant Good results

Transplants may not be the medical cutting-edge yeast infection, as a minimum not once a long time involving its creation. Persons are already accustomed to most this kind of undoubtedly, also deploying it with regard to appearance. Yet what exactly would make this kind of Iraq vets transplant is the fact that they are merely your seventh double-arm transplant being successful from the Ough. Vertisements.
The workaholic within an individual provides just about every cause to become content since, we can cover of the best ways for you to sync Windows Mobile phone having Outlook employing AKruto Sync.

Seriously! Tell my family a lot more regarding Akruto Sync. louis vuitton handbags Tucson Nonetheless, so you can receive the various models of problems. You may not find the desired thing, as soon as most effective for you unavailable available in the market. It'll be also tough to get the very best choice product or service,
Self applied having an experienced caterer is actually basically chosen in the journey cottages. Individuals assist nutrition independantly along with by doing this have the advantage of acceptable program from their own relaxation. The overall flexibility which is presents on the consumers. Louis Vuitton Elegie Monogram Idylle M56698 Rapid City that developing connected with onshore within The far east. That is the result of your reducing calls for via offshore. Just as the decrease offshore THEM outsourced workers inside The far east brings about a different pattern, onshore within Cina. As a result of that cutting down involving.
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