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EXCLUSIVE: Lauren Southern Taking First Steps to Sue Patreon

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Aug. 1 2020

The post EXCLUSIVE: Lauren Southern Taking First Steps to Sue Patreon appeared first on National File. Visit for more hard-hitting investigative journalism.

Speaking exclusively to National File, Lauren Southern revealed that she is taking the first steps into suing Patreon for deplatforming her.

Earlier this week, Patreon lost a lawsuit against fans of Owen Benjamin, who was kicked off the platform due to allegedly violating their policies on hate speech, inspiring Southern to take similar action against the platform.

Southern, the Canadian investigative journalist, was one of the first prominent conservatives to be removed from Patreon in 2017. Southern went on to crowd fund documentaries without the help of the platform.


Speaking to National File, Southern revealed that she is speaking with attorney Marc Randazza, the lawyer who handled the cases of the Owen Benjamin fans, on Friday “to see what steps we can take going forward with Patreon.”

“After the initial case was won this week, I tweeted that any former donors of mine should get in touch if they want to join us in an action against Patreon,” Southern told National File, before acknowledging that “While the initial judgement declared that ‘Patreon changed the rules in the middle of the game’ by changing their Terms of Service, this may not apply to our case.”




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