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After The U.S. Leaves WHO, Should The U.N. Be Next?

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President Donald Trump has served notice to the World Health Organization that the U.S. will no longer take part in its kleptocratic incompetence and its cozying up to dictators and tyrants, including its biggest influencer, China. The reckoning is long overdue. So is one with the United Nations, its parent organization, whose behavior has been far worse.

WHO is one of a number of global organizations, the U.N. among them, funded mainly by U.S. taxpayers. Despite its support from the U.S., WHO is yet another multilateral agency that acts as if its job is to oppose and confound America.

As such, WHO’s fumbling, overtly pro-China response to the coronavirus pandemic earlier this year should be no surprise.

It’s now common knowledge that, at China’s urging and prodding, WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, underplayed the initial outbreak of the virus. 

WHO had long maintained China had informed it of the disease’s sudden appearance in Wuhan. In fact, WHO changed its timeline of events surrounding the outbreak on June 29, reflecting that in fact China hadn’t told it at all. No, WHO’s Beijing office learned of it from the internet.


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