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Fox News' Dan Springer, crew accosted by agitators at Seattle's CHOP

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Fox News correspondent Dan Springer and his crew were accosted Monday by agitators at Seattle'sCapitol Hill Occupied Protest (CHOP) in a heated confrontation.

The protesters were shouting at Springer and his crew as they prepared for a liveshot. Springer then phoned his producer to cancel the liveshot because of the "filthy language" they were using. Then, one protester chest-bumped him and threw a cup of coffee in his face and on his jacket.

Springer and the crew then retreated to their truck, but the group of protesters surrounded them before they were able to drive away. The woman who threw the coffee then jumped on the hood of the vehicle while others were lying down in front of it. Members of the crew then got out of the vehicle and attempted to defuse the situation, telling them they just wanted to leave. They refused and demanded Springer apologize.

According to the team, Springer called 911 for police assistance but officers did not respond; the crew later was told Seattle Police needed six officers in order to respond to that area. After five minutes, Springer left and walked with the crew as protesters continued to harass them.:snip:




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