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Morning After Observations

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Steven Hayward

Feb. 12 2020

I was in class again last night—how rude of Democrats to have their primaries on the one night a week I teach class, so I can’t drunk-blog the thing live and watch the media make fools of themselves—so I’m late to the after party. Rest assured that like Jane Fonda, I wore recycled sustainable clothing and jewels to the after party, to fight climate change.

Of course by mid-morning today, there has been an avalanche of “analysis” by the media punsters, but isn’t it funny that nearly everyone says the same thing: Disaster for Biden! Klomentum! Sanders “underperformed,” which is a euphemism for “we really don’t want to just come out and say that Bernie won New Hampshire.”

Everyone is remarking that Sanders didn’t come close to the huge margin of victory he enjoyed over Hillary Clinton in 2016, but I haven’t yet heard anyone say the obvious: Bernie’s 2016 romp was party a measure of how bad a candidate Hillary Clinton was. I guess lots of media figures are concerned their group life insurance rates might go up.



Feb. 12 2020

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