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Nigel Farage’s Gamble Pays Off: Corbyn’s Labour Destroyed

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Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage was attacked both by elements within his own party and by Conservatives during the general election campaign when he declared a “unilateral leave alliance”, but his gamble has paid off as the hard-left Labour party were crushed at the polls.

While the Brexit Party had originally intended to contest nearly every seat nationwide, a last-minute gamble by party leader Nigel Farage to stand down candidates who would have been opposing sitting Conservative Members of Parliament appears to have been a crucial moment int he campaign.

Mr Farage was bitterly criticised within his own party for the move, particularly by the candidates and campaigners in seats being stood down, with some even going so far as to accuse the Brexit campaigner of a betrayal.

Mr Farage was also the target of pressure from the Conservatives, disappointed he hadn’t stood down all candidates nationwide — although they themselves refused to stand aside in seats where the Brexit Party may have had a better chance of toppling Labour that them.

The critics asserted that Mr Farage had torpedoed his own party to achieve nothing — and expressed fears up until the very last day of campaigning that the decision to stand candidates in 276 seats around the country would split the pro-Brexit vote, depriving the Tories of a majority and handing the keys of No. 10 to Jeremy Corbyn.

Yet Jeremy Corbyn’s increasingly hard-left Labour party suffered a historic defeat Thursday, with results running in over the early hours of Friday morning confirming the party experienced its worst electoral performance since 1935.


Who's laughing now?

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