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Why the Democratic Party fears Betsy DeVos

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The Democratic Party has many irrational aspects, but its campaign against Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is surely one of the worst. It could also cost them.


DeVos, a Michigan native with a lifetime of educational philanthropy behind her, appeared before the House Committee on Education and Labor this week to explain her overhaul of a federal program that makes it more difficult for students to secure loans. But, within minutes, the hearing became personal. 

“When you approach a public school, you are protested. When you enter, you are booed,” said Rep. Frederica Wilson. “You are the most unpopular person in our government. Millions will register to vote in 2020. Many will vote to remove you more than to remove the president.” 

The program has suffered from a backlog for the past few years while the Education Department rewrote the rules for how to judge claims and clear the pile-up left by the Obama administration. Rep. Josh Harder, however, accused DeVos of intentionally stalling the program to make students’ lives worse.:snip:

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