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It’s Only Democracy If They Win

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John Hinderaker

December 13, 2019

Tonight there was a rather large demonstration against Boris Johnson and the Tories in central London, I believe near Downing Street. Of course, Johnson hasn’t done anything since yesterday to justify the angry demonstration. Basically, the leftists were protesting the fact that they lost the election. Any outcome other than a left-wing victory is, to them, unacceptable.

It looked very much like a similar demonstration in the U.S. of the sort that is described in the press as “mostly peaceful.” Protesters carried signs promising to “defy Tory rule,” just like the anti-Trump “resistance.” Other signs carried by the mob–entirely white, as far as I could see–decried racism. In Britain as in America, it is “racist” to disagree with a leftist, regardless of whether the subject at hand has anything to do with race. Here is a short video that shows the protest:




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