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Johnson victory could herald strongest US-UK relationship since Reagan and Thatcher

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LONDON — When President Trump congratulated Boris Johnson on his landslide victory in the British general election, he was quick to move the focus to a trade deal. “Congratulations to Boris Johnson on his great WIN!” Trump tweeted. “This deal has the potential to be far bigger and more lucrative than any deal that could be made with the EU. Celebrate Boris!”


After weeks of purdah, when Trump tried his best to avoid riling British voters, he was free to praise the man he once described as “Britain Trump” and get on with the business of securing a trade deal. It reunites two leaders who have forged a close relationship based on a common appeal to blue-collar voters and a populist, anti-elite platform. 

Their bond and emerging partnership echo that of previous U.S. and British leaders, such as Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher or Bill Clinton and Tony Blair.

Trump said on Friday that Johnson's victory was a positive sign for his own reelection prospects, saying it "might be a harbinger of what’s to come in our country.”

The emphatic result — returning Johnson with the biggest majority since Margaret Thatcher’s day — will be pored over by Republican campaigners with an eye on 2020.:snip:

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