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Liberals Smash All Norms of Civility [Updated] [With comment by Paul]

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John Hinderaker

October 20, 2019

President Trump is often described as a bull in a china shop, but one wonders: what, exactly, is the china shop? The Democrats have debased our public life to the point where it is more apt to say that Trump is a bull trying to defend himself in a slaughterhouse. You could adduce instances of the Democrats’ lack of the most basic decency every day; here are just two for today.

First, Senator Rand Paul and a friend were eating lunch when they were confronted and harassed by demented Democrats. This is the sort of thing that never happens to politicians on the other side of the aisle. Maybe it should:


Then we have Times Square. This one isn’t an outburst by a perhaps-unbalanced private citizen, it is a premeditated assault by a member of the business establishment. A billboard in Times Square depicts President Trump being tied up by a woman whom I take to be a dominatrix. Or maybe she is just wearing the company’s clothes, it’s hard to say. (And the billboard just below appears to be anti-Trump, as well.)


The interesting question, for me, is whether Republicans should imitate the Democrats’ tactics next time we have a Democratic president, which could come as early as 2021. For a long time my answer was, of course not–we are far above such repellent tactics. Now, I am not so sure.

Historically, the deterrent to violating longstanding cultural and political norms was the fear of a voter backlash. But the Democrats’ disgusting behavior has met with little condemnation, no resistance, and, so far at least, no pushback from voters. So one is tempted to ask, why not? It is one more instance, I suppose, of our culture sliding downhill, perhaps irredeemably.







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