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A Red Wave Through the Bayou

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Had the reverse happened on Saturday night in Louisiana, you can bet you’d be seeing the legacy media reporting nonstop the results of the state’s primary elections as A Rejection of President Trump’s Policies and Performance and an Ominous Sign for GOP Hopes of Holding the White House and Senate.

But given what actually happened on Saturday, what you heard were … crickets chirping.

That isn’t completely true, of course. By now everybody probably knows that the state’s Democrat governor John Bel Edwards, who is the closest thing to a post turtle in current American politics, was not able to reach a majority vote in the state’s jungle primary and will now face a runoff against conservative industrial construction magnate Eddie Rispone in the November 16 general election. Edwards managed just 46.5 percent of the vote in a six-way race, with Rispone (27 percent) besting Republican Congressman Ralph Abraham (24 percent) to earn a spot in the runoff.

Edwards is no longer in control of his fate. Rispone and Abraham combined for more than 51 percent of the vote, with another Republican candidate, Patrick “Live Wire” Landry (the nickname coming from Landry’s trade as an electrician, though common sense dictates he might not be a very good one with such a moniker), pulling another percentage point. If Rispone is able to consolidate Abraham’s vote and a majority of that of the minor candidates, he will be Louisiana’s next governor.:snip:

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