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More bad argument by Trump in defense of the Syria pullback

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Paul Mirengoff

October 16, 2019

There are respectable arguments in favor of the pullback of U.S. troops in northeastern Syria. I don’t find them persuasive, but they are serious.

Unfortunately, President Trump persists in making ludicrous arguments. One of them, the fact that the Kurds didn’t help us with the Normandy invasion, I discussed here.

I hoped that this argument was a throwaway — a one-off. No such luck.

Now, Trump is claiming that the PKK, which forms part of the fighting force the Turks are attacking, is more of a terrorist threat than ISIS in many ways. This is true if you are Turkish. But it’s preposterous if you are American, especially if your slogan is “America first.”


Jay Nordlinger may be onto something when he tweets:

Remember this: When you betray a person or a group, you have to slam that person, or that group. You have to say all manner of evil against them. That way, you can live with your betrayal, and sell it to others. This is very, very human — age-old. “They had it comin’.”

In Trump’s case, the key is probably selling his policies to others, rather than to himself. Trump likely sold himself for all time the minute he made the decision to pull back.







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