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Newt Gingrich: Democrats meet to debate (again). Here are five questions that need to be asked

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When Democrats gather for the CNN-New York Times presidential debate on Tuesday, note there are five big “donkeys” in the room. (They can’t be elephants at a Democratic debate.)

First, the most obvious is that Hunter Biden earned $600,000 a year from a Ukrainian natural gas company. The left-wing media has done all it can to suppress questions about Hunter Biden. They correctly point out he has not been convicted of anything. Of course, given the universal agreement that Ukraine was extraordinarily corrupt (before the recent presidential election of a reformer) what would absence of conviction prove? It is close to President Nixon’s, November 17, 1973 press conference “I am not a crook” assertion.

There are two simple points about the Hunter Biden-Ukraine issue. What was his unique qualification to get that much money, which has added up to more than $3,000,000? Did his father really not know about it? Hunter has said he did tell his father, but his father has said he did not know. Given former Vice President Joe Biden’s routinely faulty memory, both could be true. However, most parents would know if their child was making $600,000 a year from a foreign company.:snip:

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