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Syrian complications

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Scott Johnson

Oct. 13 2019

I have found Michael Doran to be one of our most insightful analysts of American foreign policy in the Middle East. See, for example, his 2015 Mosaic essay “Obama’s secret Iran strategy” or any of his many other Mosaic essays posted here.

Doran does not find the choices available to President Trump in Syria as simple as does the chorus from whom we have heard over the past week. Perhaps he is mistaken. I don’t know. Doran’s New York Post column “How Obama’s team set up Trump’s Syrian dilemma” provides valuable background.

Doran comes at it from a slightly different angle with Michael Reynolds in the Wall Street Journal column “Turkey Has Legitimate Grievances Against the U.S.” Doran and Reynolds write:


Again, I don’t know. I offer Doran’s columns as a counterpoint to the chorus of Trump critics for those with an open mind and seeking to understand the complicated background to Trump’s disposition of American forces in Syria.



My point is, I can't understand why (the reason) he did this, without (as I understand it) not talking to the State Dept. or The Pentagon.


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BTW Reports are that the Kurds have made a deal with Assad, and the Syrian army is moving North. According to Agenda Free TV

If Syria is moving north, that means the Russians (and probably) the Iranians are now involved.

WTG Donald Trump! You took a bad situation and (it appears) Made It Worse. :thumbup:


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