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Sen. Elizabeth ‘Two Tales’ Warren running out of creation myths

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, the Democrat campaigning for president, has had two amazing creation myths to choose from.

One had her as a Native American, and the other as a young teacher forced out of her job because she was pregnant.

Many epic heroines, or heroes, have only one creation myth, as anyone who has who read Joseph Campbell’s “The Hero with a Thousand Faces” can tell you.

Warren has just the one face. But each of her stories cast her as a victim.


Yet when it comes to creation myths, Sen. Two Tales has none.

Her first failed story was the one about Warren as a Cherokee. Her position on the Harvard Law faculty guaranteed her status as a true member of the nation’s elite. And Harvard’s law school proudly proclaimed her as an important minority hire. She leveraged her job at Harvard into a seat in the U.S. Senate.

Then President Donald Trump bluffed Warren into taking that disastrous DNA test. The results were embarrassing and awkward, because it turns out she’s about as Cherokee as was my Papou Pete, born in the Greek mountain village of Manasi, on the other side of the world.:snip:

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