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Swipe This! Why hasn’t my boyfriend made a Black Lives Matter post?

July 6, 2020

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What is your opinion of the importance of a main post on Instagram during this revolution? 

I have told my boyfriend twice that it makes me uncomfortable that he hasn’t yet made a permanent post on his Instagram about Black Lives Matter on Instagram. Both times he got very upset. He said I was putting so much importance on it and that it minimized his other efforts like protesting. We’ve gone to several protests together, and I agree that protesting is important. But why hasn’t he done this one simple thing to show the people who follow him that he’s an ally?

I told him I think it’s his white fragility that’s keeping him from posting (we’re both white). He says he’s posting every day to his stories and reading and learning and protesting almost every day. He told me he’s having difficult conversations with his family. He also said he realizes that he haws white fragility, but he doesn’t like me “guilt-tripping” him.

But isn’t the point of this movement to hold each other accountable? If he saw me not being actively anti-racist, I would certainly want him to call me out. I want him to call his friends out. I’ve checked their pages, and so many of them aren’t posting.

This is the first time my boyfriend and I have had a major conflict around something political. We share beliefs and values. Even though we were raised in conservative, small towns, we’re both very liberal. He’s anti-Trump, and he is usually open to conversations about feminism and what women have been through. I’m just angry that he doesn’t see how important it is to speak out right now. I think silence is really dangerous, and it scares me that he doesn’t want to be more vocal on his main page where lots of people can see his beliefs. He is a white male living in an extremely racist country—and I think it’s time for him to speak up!




I feel sorry for the Babylon Bee. You can't make this stuff up fast enough.




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