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Ten Debating Democrats Giving It the Old College Try

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Bill Whalen

September 10, 2019

Credit the folks at ABC News’ political division: They managed to convince their network’s executives to set aside three hours of prime time for Thursday night’s Democratic presidential debate in Houston.

Maybe the political team got away with it because the entertainment side realized that this is close to what passes for business as usual at ABC. A week from Thursday, in the same 8 p.m. time slot: “Celebrity Family Feud.”

Or it could be as simple as the network suits understanding that there’s not much else airing on Thursday night (including an unglamorous NFL matchup between Carolina and Tampa Bay).

Now, if the debate had clashed with a meaningful college football game, I’d have objected. Not that college football is the answer to all societal ills, but it does offer welcome relief from the day-to-day silliness of this election.

It’s also one way to make sense of this crowded Democratic field.




.........................Not watching this clownshow.

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