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Delay be damned: Boris Johnson says he will refuse to postpone Brexit even if he's LEGALLY required.......

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..............- forcing him to resign or MPs to kick him out - as Jeremy Corbyn prepares to block election on Monday

Jack Maidment

6 September 2019

  • Boris Johnson says he will not ask EU to postpone Brexit past October 31 even if anti-No Deal bill becomes law 
  • The House of Lords approved anti-No Deal legislation today and it will be given Royal Assent on Monday 
  • Opposition leaders today agreed to vote against or abstain when PM triggers election vote on Monday
  • They want a Brexit delay agreed before voting for a snap poll, meaning an election in November is probable 
  • Without their support Mr Johnson is unlikely to secure the two thirds support he needs for October 15 poll 
  • Mr Johnson today declined to rule out the possibility of resigning if he fails to deliver Brexit by Halloween 
  • New survey shows the major danger for Mr Johnson if an early general election happens after October 31
  • Conservative Party is polling at 37% for pre-October 31 election but just 28% for post-October 31 election
  • Majority of lost Tory support in the second scenario goes to the Brexit Party, sparking renewed calls for pact 
  • Survey shows how important it is for the Prime Minister to force an early election before Brexit deadline 
  • Came amid growing anger over Mr Johnson's use of police officers as the backdrop for 'political stunt' speech
  • Mr Johnson in Scotland today ahead of a trip to see the Queen at Balmoral Castle along with Carrie Symonds 
  • Anti-Brexit campaigners this morning saw bid to stop PM proroguing Parliament rejected by High Court 

A defiant Boris Johnson today suggested he will not ask the EU to delay Brexit even if he is legally required to do so as opposition leaders agreed to work together to block the PM's bid to trigger an early general election.

A rebel anti-No Deal law is expected to make its way onto the UK statute book on Monday after the House of Lords backed it this afternoon. 

It will force the premier to seek a Brexit extension if Brussels and Britain have not struck an agreement by the time of an EU summit on October 19, just more than a week before Boris's October 31 'do or die' deadline. 

Yesterday Mr Johnson said he would rather be 'dead in a ditch' than delay the UK's departure from the bloc.


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Sept. 6 2019

British People Rise Up Against Remainer Politicians. As MPs in Parliament prepare to block no deal Brexit by forcing Boris Johnson to ask the EU for another extension and Brexit delay, British voters make their voice heard against the establishment. BBC QUESTION TIME Exposed the hypocrisy of Lib Dems, SNP, and Labour policies on Brexit.

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The Brexit Saboteurs

]i]For those seeking to undo the voters’ decision, the clock never runs out[/i]

Kyle Smith

September 7, 2019

The European Union is the new Hotel California: You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.

Any hopes that the British government might actually go ahead and achieve Brexit, after more voters supported it than have ever voted for anything in the entire history of this formerly great country, were pretty well dashed this week when Prime Minister Boris Johnson suffered a spectacular series of defeats in the House of Commons, capped by the utterly humiliating departure of his own brother Jo, a Remainer, who quit both his brother’s government and his seat in the Commons rather than be an ally for the Brexit Johnson has repeatedly promised would occur, “do or die,” on October 31. Jo Johnson said he was putting “the national interest” ahead of party and family.


How about this idea? “A simple referendum will solve Brexit,” Tony Blair writes in an op-ed in the Evening Standard. Hang on, I thought there already was one. But no, you see, that referendum delivered the wrong result. Britain checked out of the EU in 2016, but it can never be allowed to leave.

After the massive bipartisan effort known as Project Fear, backed almost unanimously by the media, failed to scare the British public into voting Remain in 2016, the British public should be asked to vote again, says Blair. There is now an even more massive bipartisan effort, led by an even more nearly unanimous media (the Daily Mail has switched sides to the Remain cause), to scare the voters about the prospects of a No-Deal Brexit, which few really want, but the threat of which cannot be discarded if any serious negotiation is to be held with the EU. If no-deal is off the table, the EU holds all the cards. Blair, deeply desirous that his own country be subjected to whatever the EU dictates, is urging the U.K. to hold a “No, but seriously, you really don’t want Brexit, do you?” referendum.


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