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3 Ways Trump’s New Regulations Will Better Protect Endangered Species

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The Trump administration has just taken an important step in the effort to protect threatened and endangered species. 

On Monday, the administration published final regulations that will improve implementation of the Endangered Species Act. 

This law simply hasn’t worked. Over the law’s more than 45 years, only about 3% of the species listed as threatened or endangered have been removed from the list due to recovery.

To their credit, the Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Marine Fisheries Service decided to take action. They recognized that a significant part of the problem is connected to how they have implemented the law. 

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Here are three of their important changes.

1. No longer treating threatened species as if they were endangered.

The Endangered Species Act applies its most significant protections to species classified as “endangered,” including very stringent prohibitions against activities that would harm species or their habitats. This includes severe restrictions on how private property owners can use their land.

But for threatened species, the Endangered Species Act’s general rule is that these stringent prohibitions don’t apply.:snip:

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