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VIDEO: CNN debate on civility explodes into an angry shouting match

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A CNN debate about civility between a defender of the president and a vociferous critic predictably devolved into an angry shouting match.

Trump 2020 reelection advisory council member Rob Astorino battled it out with former Clinton White House aide Keith Boykin on Erin Burnett's CNN show Wednesday.

They were discussing whether President Donald Trump had improperly attacked his Democratic detractors while visiting the survivors of two mass murder attacks.

Astorino immediately pivoted into criticizing the media for blaming the president for the attacks while a visibly weary Boykin waited his turn to announce that he didn't want to debate the issue anymore.

"What can you say to what Rob just said?" Boykin said incredulously.

"You can say you agree!" Astorino joked.

"It's utter nonsense, I'm tired of having this discussion over and over again," Boykin announced.

"We all know that Donald Trump is responsible for fanning the flames," he added.

"Oh, and pulling the trigger as they've said?" Astorino interrupted. Boykin sighed in exasperation.


Civility, people, civility!:rolleyes:

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