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‘No Safe Spaces’ – Our Last Chance to Save Free Speech?

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Carolla and Prager team up for a frightening look at the First Amendment under fire.

Christian Toto

July 13 2019

“No Safe Spaces” reveals the Left’s plan to squash free speech as we’ve known it for 243 years.

That’s not hyperbole. 

The evidence speaks for itself over and again in 90 riveting minutes. “No Safe Spaces” could have gone on for another hour, maybe two, had all the free speech attacks made the final cut.

The film will be released in the Fall, but one thing stands true following an early preview. It’s hard to imagine a more vital film hitting theaters by year’s end.


“No Safe Spaces” starts slowly, and that’s being kind. We’re introduced to stars Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager, our guides through the collegiate chaos. The tone is light, the spirit teetering on self-promotional at times.

The film is clearing its throat and establishing the key players and themes. We’re soon knee deep in shocking tales of campus culture gone awry.

Threats. Violence. Destruction. Despair. Careers destroyed. Arrogance. Immaturity. Hate. Oh, lots and lots of hate.


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