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Minneapolis’ Sacred Stupidity

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I’m so old that I remember when the major rage among Democrat machine politicians seeking public approval to maintain their iron-fisted control over American cities was to present themselves as “technocrats” — capable administrators who would make few political waves but rather focus on non-sexy items like transportation, drainage, garbage pickup, economic development, urban renewal, and public works.

Of course, technocracy came and went without very much in the way of actual results in urban management. And today’s generation of Democrat machine politicians in charge of our cities don’t bother trying to sell themselves as capable administrators anymore. How can they, when Los Angeles’ trash piles rival those of Kinshasa, homeless bums micturate on passing taxicabs on New York streets, it’s recommended that one wear galoshes on the streets of San Francisco so as to avoid ruining one’s Ferragamos by stepping in freshly-lain human feculence, and New Orleans is inundated each time there’s a hard rain because the city’s pumps and drainage infrastructure are virtually untouched by improvement despite billions in spending for just that purpose?

At some point you can’t sell yourself as a technocrat when the place is demonstrably worse off than when you found it. At that point you need a new hook for the rubes, because even though much of the Democrats’ mismanagement of our cities has run off their middle class residents in their millions it’s possible the remainder might get wise to the grift and throw the bums out.

Which cannot happen. In the event a Philadelphia, Cleveland, Baltimore, or Portland might turn the Democrats out of power (this is a hypothetical, of course; calm down) and newly-empowered Republicans would get to examine the books, losing an election would generally be the least of the problems for the operators of those machines. Perhaps then some of these statesmen and Public Servants might do for Leavenworth and Marion and Victorville what they’ve done for Newark and Jackson and Flint.:snip:

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