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Google, Facebook, Twitter Shifted to Censorship From Free Speech, According to Leaked Google Document

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Petr Svab

October 10, 2018

Large online platforms including Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter have shifted their principles “toward censorship and moderation” from a position of protecting free speech, according to a Google research document leaked to Breitbart.

The document, titled “The Good Censor,” argues the platforms have pinned themselves between two incompatible positions: “Create unmediated ‘marketplaces of ideas’” and “create well-ordered spaces for safety and civility.”

While the platforms had previously sided with the former position, they have since shifted from descriptors such as “neutral,” “aggregator,” and “platform,” to “politicized,” “editor,” and “publisher.” However, the companies have resisted the “publisher” designation because it would make them legally liable for user-submitted content.

The document says the companies have followed the calls of users, governments, and advertisers who demand increased censorship.


An “official Google source” told Breitbart the document should be considered internal research, and not an official company position.



Strange, I don' recall asking for more censorship.

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