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ARGENTINA: Pro-Choicers Firebomb, Assault Police After Failed Abortion Vote

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"Abortion activists threw firebombs and glass at riot police"

Paul Bois

August 9, 2018

When pro-lifers lose, as they did in Ireland, they go into their churches and pray. When pro-choicers lose, as they did last night in Argentina, they firebomb police and assault those with whom they disagree.

Pope Francis' homeland of Argentina defeated a bill in the Senate to legalize abortion up to 14 weeks on Wednesday night by a narrow vote of 38-31, with two lawmakers abstaining. In response, pro-abort radicals took to the street, vandalizing private property and assaulting police.

LifeNews reports that "abortion activists threw firebombs and glass at riot police and pro-lifers on the streets of Buenos Aires after the vote." Photos and video from varying news outlets confirmed the reports:


The violence began after riot police set up a mobile barrier where pro-choicers were lighting fires and throwing glass bottles at pro-life activists.





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