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Here’s what FBI agents are reportedly saying about James Comey’s book — and it’s not good

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Excerpts from former FBI Director James Comey’s long-awaited book, “A Higher Loyalty,” which releases next week, flowed like raging river rapids this week.

The excerpts brought light to many of the most anticipated parts of Comey’s book, which details intimate conversations with the Trump administration, and President Donald Trump himself, in the weeks preceding his termination last May. Indeed, Comey’s book is heavy with detail and exposes many of the country’s most controversial issues over the last year and a half.


But a CNN correspondent, who said she spoke with several “high-ranking” FBI sources, said FBI agents are not thrilled with Comey’s upcoming blockbuster.

What are the details?

Jamie Gangel said on CNN host Wolf Blitzer’s show that her FBI sources are “not happy” with Comey’s book, which they reportedly say crosses the line of professionalism Comey once held the bureau to.

She explained they believe Comey’s book will bring more criticism to an organization already “under attack” from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

“I’ve talked to quite a few former FBI high ranking sources, they are not happy about this because they feel it crosses the line of professionalism,” Gangel said. “They are worried about their reputation. They have been under attack, the organization has been under attack.”

She added her sources are “afraid” Comey’s book will further damage the bureau’s reputation in the long term.


It seems that's already happened...

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Filed under: General — Patterico @ 9:00 am

I’ll put my cards on the table: I don’t hate James Comey the way the rest of the world — right and left — appears to. I thought he came across in George Snuffleupagus’s* interview as reasonable, self-reflective, and honest.

In the last 24-48 hours, Comey has been attacked by people on both sides of the aisle. I have even seen conservatives holding up Loretta Lynch (!) as an example of integrity, and seemingly taking sides with her over Comey regarding the nature of their personal conversations and their respective handling of the Hillary Clinton matter. Why anyone would side with Lynch over Comey is a mystery to me, other than that Comey is the designated Trump punching bag of the moment.

There’s one attack that I read that intrigued me — and having investigated it, I have found it to be bogus. I figured I’d share those findings with you.

The attack comes from Lanny Davis, in a piece titled Admit it, James Comey: You’ve been lying all along. Davis complains (as most Clintonites do) that Comey messed up by sending Congress a letter just 11 days before the 2016 election,   :snip:

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