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World View: EU Officials Increasingly Fear a Marine Le Pen Upset in France

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Marine Le Pen, leader of France’s far-right Front National party is still considered to be a very long shot to become the next president of France, but it is no longer considered an impossibility, mainly because of three factors: the unexpected passage of the Brexit referendum in Britain last year, the unexpected election of Donald Trump in the US last year, and a trend of rising nationalistic political parties in countries across Europe in recent years.


The first round of the presidential elections will be held on Sunday, April 23. There are 11 candidates, so it is almost impossible for anyone to win by getting over 50% of the vote. The top two candidates will then take part in a runoff election on May 7, to determine the final winner. President François Hollande, a Socialist, has had abysmal popularity ratings and so has chosen not to run for a second term, a decision unprecedented in modern times.


The polls put the top four candidates at around 20% each. Emmanuel Macron is the youngest, a 39-year-old former investment banker, and former economy minister under Hollande. He is considered to be the favorite among the mainstream “globalist” European politicians.


The early favorite was Republican François Fillon, but his support has crashed because of a scandal where he allegedly arranged for his wife to receive a large salary for a job that required little or no work.



Le horror from le establishment.

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