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Italian Supervolcano is Rumbling

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Legal Insurrection
Italy’s Campi Flegrei may be slowly awakening!
Leslie Eastman
Tuesday, December 27, 2016

While progressives decry fossil fuel use as the source of our climate change woes, Mother Nature may be presenting us a more serious, immediate and real threat.

Most Americans are familiar with our supervolcano in Yellowstone. However, there is one in Italy that shows signs of potential activity.


A massive supervolcano under the city of Naples, Italy, is showing signs of life again, prompting concern among some scientists.

The Campi Flegrei, Italian for “burning fields,” that make up the vocano’s crater, or caldera, have been full of boiling mud, steam, and even smaller volcanoes for centuries. The people of ancient Rome believed the area to be the home of the Roman god of fire and volcanoes, Vulcan. Today, the fields are a popular tourist destination. But the caldera has been showing signs of an explosive awakening since 2012, and a new study indicates that a destructive eruption of the volcano could be coming soon.

While the volcano could pose a threat to the 500,000 people living in or around the caldera of the volcano, the researchers involved in the study stress that volcanoes are extremely hard to predict, and it is possible that it could fizzle out before reaching a critical pressure. But based on their findings, it will be prudent to continue monitoring the volcano.







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