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Crock Pot Brisket . . . Really?

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Crock Pot Brisket . . . Really?


January 22nd, 2014


I’ve often been asked by beginner pitmasters whether it’s possible to barbecue a brisket in a crock pot. Technically, the answer is no. You’re not going to get that smoky flavor of meat perfumed in a smoldering wood pit. You can, however, succeed in getting a very tender and flavorful beefy end product in the crock-pot. How would you like to be able to use your crock-pot to create not one, but two brisket recipes without breaking a sweat? Read on if you want to know how I make very passable brisket burnt ends and beef pot roast using my super easy crock-pot method. Try my approach next time it’s cold and wintery outside and you don’t feel like digging out your pit in sub-zero temperatures.


For this recipe, I began with a with a 15 lb brisket packer. A packer is a brisket comprised of two connected muscles called the flat and the point. The flat is the leaner part which is typically served sliced and the point, or fattier part, is where yummy burnt-ends come from.


I remove all the fat from the point and carefully separate the point from the flat. I trim off most of the fat from the flat and keep about 1/8 inch fat cap. I cut the point into two equal-sized pieces and do the same for the flat so I end up with 4 trimmed brisket pieces. Scissors-32x32.png

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