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Dispatch From a Racist

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Troy Senik



My apologies to those of you who were skimming the New Yorker's website over the weekend and discovered that I am a racist. I really should have been the first to tell you.


You see, the nation's premier left-unopened-on-the-coffee-table publication published a post by Alex Koppelman on Friday entitled "Holder, Contempt and Race," in which yours truly, along with Rush Limbaugh, Dinesh D'Souza, and the Wall Street Journal editorial page had our motives for criticizing the Obama Administration generally (and Attorney General Eric Holder specifically) called into question. This being the New Yorker, of course, the smackdown was applied with a velvet glove:


There’s a reason that Holder is, next to the President himself, the member of the Obama Administration that the right most loves to hate. It’s not necessarily racism—not stemming, that is, from a belief that Holder is somehow inferior or ill-willed because he’s black—but that doesn’t mean it’s not about race.


Oh good. "Not necessarily racist." That's succinct enough to fit onto the next run of my business cards.





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