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Obama and the Kingdom of the Concrete Skull

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obama_and_the_kingdom_of_the_concrete_skull.htmlAmerican Thinker:

My friend Jane Woodworth looked over her newspaper, put down her coffee mug, and said , " Imagine being so down and out that you have to deter people from talking about the economy with the news that you are an accessory to murder." Nothing better summed up a week where the economy continued its tumble, the presidential approval rate continued its downward slide, and the President invoked executive privilege with respect to the government gun running operation which resulted in the deaths of hundreds of people including our own border agent, Brian Terry, and perhaps an ICE agent of ours as well.

There was only one thing left for the failing president to do. Make a claim of executive privilege, make it late in the game, after months of his Attorney General Eric Holder's dissembling before Congress under oath, after repeated retractions of Holder statements which were proven false, a claim so weak that all it did was distract attention from the financial news and suggest to even the dimmest wit that the president himself was an accessory to murder. (Every respectable legal observer has announced the claim cannot be sustained. See, this, this and this.)

While Jane picked up the tab, my friend Surfer Doc handed me this brilliant piece by Matthew Continetti in the Washington Free Beacon, and the mystery of the preposterous presidential move was solved in my mind. You see, as soon as Jim Messina was named Obama's campaign manager he headed out to Hollywood where, as everyone knows the rich stars live. Very rich stars who one imagines have their fingers firmly on the pulse of what the ordinary voters believe and want: Stuff like free contraception, no actual energy just imaginary green stuff, open borders, gay marriage and warmer relations with leftist dictators. One of Messina's top advisers from then on was Steven Spielberg and darn if this campaign -- indeed the remaining days of this presidency -- wasn't a brilliant screen play in the making: Obama and the Kingdom of the Concrete Skull.

To start with the plan was to psych out the Republican nominee -- whoever he was -- by building up a giant staff operating out of Chicago and to loudly boast that he planned to build up a billion dollar war chest. (Messina shared this "you have no chance" strategy with Rich Trumka, who unfortunately found it didn't work for him in Wisconsin no matter how many busloads of make believe Wisconsin residents he rounded up on election day in Chicago and bussed north.)

It didn't seem effective for Obama either, when despite The New York fashionistas' and Hollywood's best efforts, the fund raising fell far short of the goal. The giant staff in Chicago proved an enormous python that is eating up more than the fundraisers can herd into its maw, even given the Administration's well-documented pay to play style. Meanwhile the Obamas' constant flights from coast to coast begging for money to feed the beast are more frequent than the regular United Airlines flights from DC to San Francisco and Los Angeles. In fly-over country, the unemployed amuse themselves making bets on which plane will fly over more often each day -- Air Force One or Air Force Two. It also seems they are making very rude gestures whichever of the two planes are overhead.Scissors-32x32.png

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