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Latinos in the US: fact box

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Latinos-in-the-US-fact-box.htmlUk Telegraph:

Latinos are seen as the sleeping giant in the 2012 US election because millions are eligible to vote, but have not yet registered. Here are some facts about America's Latino population.


1. Estimated 21.5 million Latino voters eligible to vote.


2. Additional 8.1 million green card holders would have been eligible if they had naturalised and registered before October. (10-12 months naturalisation time).



3. Every month about 50,000 Latinos turn 18 and are eligible to vote and each year an average of 700,000 immigrants are naturalising.


4. Barack Obama spent $1.7 million on Spanish language advertisements since April, Mitt Romney only $13,000.



5. Latinos will be 1 in 10 voters in 2012.Scissors-32x32.png

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