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Jesus: Father, Husband, Family Man

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The Jewish Daily Forward

New Book Casts Christian Savior as Everyman

Raphael Magarik

May 20, 2012


(Snip)Archaeological bric-a-brac makes up the bulk of James Tabor and Simcha Jacobovici’s “The Jesus Discovery,” which on February 28 became the latest entry into the Historical Jesus Sweepstakes. (It is almost certainly eclipsed by now; in America, theories about Jesus spring up almost as quickly as new strains of Protestantism.) The book tells the story of two tombs in the Talpiot neighborhood of Jerusalem. According to the authors, the first tomb, which was excavated in 1980, contained Jesus’ bones. The second features an impressive Greek inscription and a drawing of a fish expelling Jonah.





And here's a thumbnail sketch


A. Jesus was married to......wait for it....Mary Magdalene and had children. Bet you never saw that one coming?

No word on how they were raised and what punishments were dealt out when they were naughty.

Also further study needs to be done on if Jesus and Mary shared the duties of raising the children and other household chores.



B. Early Christians didn't believe Jesus actually rose from the dead.


C. Luke was a lousy historian, and botched the whole story. Thank Goodness we have these guys to set the story straight.


One can only hope PBS will bring this new enlightened study to us....sure to win (at least) an Emmy.

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