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Conservative and free market principles will be under direct attack in America.
In light of that, it is imperative there be a voice for conservative principles that sustains free market ideals focused on bolstering America’s global competitiveness across the country.

American Glob will continue to focus on issues important to Conservatives, Republicans, Libertarians, and PUMAs.
Do. Not. Trust. The MSM.
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America is at an inflection point. We can either remain the strongest nation in the world, or we can become something much less. Free and Strong America PAC, through its Honorary Chairman, Mitt Romney, supports officeholders and candidates who are dedicated to promoting public policies that will strengthen America at this critical time in our history. Working together with the American people, we will advance conservative social, fiscal, and foreign policies that are essential to our nation’s strength and freedom.

Exposing the Third Rate-Fourth Estate
Our goal at “I Hate the Media” is to point out all the bias and the
blindness. All the lies and the lunacy. All the fakes and the phonies. All
the morons and the myopic.
The thing is, there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

The Long War Journal is dedicated to providing original and accurate reporting and analysis of the Long War (also known as the Global War on Terror). This is accomplished through its programs of embedded reporters, news and news aggregation, podcasts, and other multimedia formats.

Our country, founded on conservative principles and the fight for freedom, must confront the challenges of the 21st century with integrity, innovation, and determination.
SarahPAC believes energy independence is a cornerstone of the economic security and progress that every American family wants and deserves.

Wide Awakes should arise, to stand up for core Republican values, and to do so with decency, honor, integrity and civility.