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Blame It On Bush

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Liberals may control the media, but we are taking the music BACK!!
OFFICIAL music video - Blame It On Bush, by The Voters. This is the 1st single from our album Electile Dysfunction. We are a completely independent, grass roots band trying to encourage people to truly get informed before they vote. Please help us spread the message in any way you can.
You can get more information on the song and the band at www.TheVotersMusic.com You can purchase the album from www.TheVotersMusic.com (via paypal), iTunes, Amazon and other retailers.
Our album is made of political and patriotic material and other songs are: Pelosi's Jet, Distractions, Leading from Behind, Wife Of A Soldier, America Is Coming Back, Shining City Upon A Hill, Nobody Told Me and America- What Have We Done.

Thank you for your support. Let's take America BACK!