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The Week in Pictures: Hillarypalooza Edition

nickydog   Posted Yesterday, 10:06 PM


Sure make it look like I copied you by  posting while I'm still watching the video...


We both agreed -- it was funny!

Coffee Shop

Valin   Posted Yesterday, 05:21 PM

Hillary gains the important hooker vote:
‘Hookers for Hillary': Bunny Ranch Employees Endorse Hillary Clinton

Insert Obligatory Bill Clinton Joke Here



Coffee Shop

Valin   Posted Yesterday, 05:17 PM

Even though he may be running Chris Christie says he really doesn't want to win

The Week in Pictures: Hillarypalooza Edition

Valin   Posted Yesterday, 04:04 PM



4 reasons for Cruz Control

Valin   Posted Yesterday, 03:21 PM





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Senator Ted Cruz On Iran Deal Etc

Valin   Posted Yesterday, 03:06 PM




Walter Russell Mead retweeted Haaretz.com

An immense relief to the neighbors, and yet more evidence that a nuclear Iran would bomb responsibly if at all.

Rohani: Iran's military is purely defensive, poses no threat to Mideast http://dlvr.it/9S0Cd6 



Well I'm glad we've got that settled!

The Sham Candidacy of Hillary Clinton — and What It Means for the Republic

WestVirginiaRebel   Posted Yesterday, 03:03 PM

PJ Media:

Let us please stipulate that in a rational world, a woman like Hillary Rodham Clinton would have absolutely no chance of being nominated for, much less elected, president of the United States. She has achieved nothing, accomplished nothing (unless you count the four dead Americans at Benghazi, for which she will ultimately be held responsible); she is an exremely poor public speaker, full of annoying verbal and physical tics; she is legendarily dishonest; she is a hard-core Alinskyite; and in general a wretched human being. By rights, she should be laughed off the stage, the same way the smart set laughed at Lurleen Wallace, who succeeded her husband George Wallace, the racist Democrat, as governor of Alabama back in 1967.  She has no natural political constituency, except the manufactured “women’s vote,” and no rationale for her candidacy except that it’s “time” for a woman president, just as it was “time” for a part-black African, part-Arab, half-white, paternally cultural Muslim to pass for a traditional African-American Christian and be elected president in 2008.


And yet, even after the comically disastrous and transparently phony launch of her new “campaign,” she’s considered the “inevitable” Democrat nominee for 2016 and, very likely, the next president of the United States. For the sake of democracy in America, she needs to be defeated and politically destroyed. Break Hillary and you have begun to break the power of the Mainstream Media, a fifth column masquerading as the Fourth Estate whose mission it has been for decades to “fundamentally transform” the United States of America.


For the only reason an HRC candidacy is even plausible is the influence of the legacy media, which has simply declared, by fiat, her suitability and her inevitability. You may recall that the MSM did the same thing in the run-up to 2008, until their dreamboat, Obama, came along and gave the aging Baby Boomers, who had dreamed of exactly this moment since 1968, a reason to push the female candidate to the back of the bus in order to celebrate the only kind of “diversity” they advocate, which is racial.


It didn’t matter to the Racialist Left that Obama had exactly nothing to do with the authentic black American experience — he was not from a slave background, he grew up in largely racially colorblind Hawaii where his skin color matched that of the vast majority of the island’s population, and his mother was as white as, well, Kansas. (Like Obama, I grew up in part in Hawaii, and can relate from first-hand experience that the only people actively discriminated against in those days were “white” people.) But in choosing to send young Barry to the Punahou School — where the Anglo elite had long sent their progengy — his parents, or handlers, found the one school in the islands where he could feel racially aggrieved.


Faking it all the way to the White House.


Coffee Shop

WestVirginiaRebel   Posted Yesterday, 02:59 PM

Hillary gains the important hooker vote:

‘Hookers for Hillary': Bunny Ranch Employees Endorse Hillary Clinton


WestVirginiaRebel   Posted Yesterday, 02:56 PM


Five individuals and four companies, including Iranian government and Centrifuge Technology company contractors, have been indicted for illegally exporting technology frequently used in military systems such as surface-air and cruise missiles to Iran. This technology is “frequently used in a wide range of military systems, including surface-air and cruise missiles,” according to the Department of Justice. $24 million worth of technology was allegedly sent to Iran starting in July 2010.


“The nine defendants charged in the indictment allegedly circumvented U.S. sanctions and illegally exported controlled microelectronics to Iran,” said Assistant Attorney General for National Security John P. Carlin. The elaborate path detailed in the indictment follows the technology on a route from the U.S. to Taiwan, then to Turkey and finally to Iran.


In a Friday Department of Justice (DOJ) release, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Texas details the indictment and those charged, which include: Houston-based Smart Power Systems Inc. (SPS); Bahram Mechanic, 69, and Tooraj Faridi, 46, of Houston; Khosrow Afghahi, 71, of Los Angeles; and Faratel Corporation, co-owned by Mechanic and Afghahi in Iran. These individuals are described as “members of an Iranian procurement network operating in the United States.”


Mechanic and Afghahi are described in the indictment as “co-owners of Iran-based Faratel and its Houston-based sister company SPS.” The DOJ release continues: “Faratel designs and builds uninterruptible power supplies for various Iranian entities, including Iranian government agencies such as the Iranian Ministry of Defense, the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran and the Iranian Centrifuge Technology Company, according to the charges.”



They could have just waited for Obama to lift sanctions...


WestVirginiaRebel   Posted Yesterday, 02:52 PM


We all know that you can’t shout “fire” in a crowded theater.  The Supreme Court has said as much.  That hasn’t stopped Hillary Clinton and the liberal media from doing just that in response to the landmark Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. FEC.


The case, which has been settled law for more than five years, continues to inspire visceral reactions from leftists.  Just this week Hillary Clinton tried to rally her base by arguing, “We need to fix our dysfunctional political system and get unaccountable money out of it once and for all, even if that takes a constitutional amendment.”  It’s the same tired tactic that Barack Obama used in 2010 to rally liberals and Harry Reid resurrected in 2014 to mobilize voters.  And with all the shady foreign money that flowed into the Democrat National Committee and Clinton-Gore re-election campaign in 1996, Hillary Clinton is not exactly a credible voice for good government campaign finance reform measures.


Senator Bernie Sanders alleges that “if we don’t overturn Citizens United, Congress will become paid employees of the billionaire class.”  Politicians tend to resort to over-the-top rhetoric when they’re not able to back up their position with facts.


It’s worth noting that while liberal politicians have taken to the media to express their dislike of Citizens United, this war on the First Amendment is not always being waged in the open.  Hollywood liberals have joined to fight against free speech and have gone so far as to develop a television series, American Odyssey, that’s meant to serve as an indictment of the ruling, all while disguising it as a slick Hollywood drama.  The show’s creator, Nora Kay Foster, has offered some of the most inflammatory rhetoric: “Corporations are more powerful now than a nation-state, and people are really onto the fact that our democracy has been hijacked by corporate interests, and our votes are not really counting anymore.”


As Clinton, Reid, and their friends in the media try to stir the pot of liberal angst, all they’ve done is embolden their supporters to break the law in service to their cause.  We’ve seen the Supreme Court interrupted by so-called campaign finance “reformers” who have a bone to pick with the Citizens United decision.  They infiltrate the gallery and one by one stand up to protest the right to political speech that Citizens United restored.  It’s the height of hypocrisy that those protesters rallying against corporate political speech have chosen to incorporate to protect their own interests.



Free speech for all rankles those who want to control it.