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Ferguson in Flames

SrWoodchuck   Posted Yesterday, 11:09 PM

American Thinker Commenter: 



acidulous • 20 hours ago


Stop it already. Just stop. The media. The left. The outside agitators. Slavery. Poverty. Root causes.


Good God Almighty how many more excuses/reasons can we dream up to explain away pathology?


Maybe, just maybe, with the exception of a small percentage of this "community" the majority of them don't have what it takes to function in a higher form of civilization. There comes a point in the life of every intelligent sentient human being an awakening that something is not right with my life. Am I so weak minded, so feeble in character, so lacking in mental resources that I can't figure out I have been a fool? Too stupid to look around me and emulate those whose successes I envy and want to destroy?


The difference between now and Rodney King is the internet. Now millions upon millions of Americans can see the depravity in Ferguson on one continuous loop over and over again. It doesn't matter what the spin is because who are you to believe? Them or your lying eyes? Tired of talking about race. This country has lowered its standards in all directions to accommodate this "community". Spent trillions and trillions of dollars, not the least of which was the mortgage mess and the "Community Reinvestment Act" which was nothing but doing away with qualifications for low income minority mortgages and the trigger for the 2007 meltdown and the plague of Obama. Nothing will appease this mob because everywhere they turn they see others surpassing them and making lives for themselves. They seethe with resentment and want to hack down those whom they envy. The only thing missing in Ferguson were burning tires and machetes. I could have been looking at an uprising in some banana republic against the backdrop of mud huts and tin shanties.


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Ginsburg has heart surgery

nickydog   Posted Yesterday, 11:07 PM

Heard on the news tonight she expects to be back at work on Monday.  She is a tough old bird.

Ferguson in Flames

SrWoodchuck   Posted Yesterday, 10:40 PM

Too little....too late.....




Via TheoSpark

Ferguson in Flames

SrWoodchuck   Posted Yesterday, 10:30 PM

Fuel Me Once




StiltonJarlsberg via TheoSpark

Ferguson in Flames

clearvision   Posted Yesterday, 09:50 PM

There were two men arrested several days ago (New Black Panthers) with plans to build pipe bombs....


read this today...


The men wanted to acquire two more bombs, the sources said, but could not afford to do it until one suspect’s girlfriend’s Electronic Benefit Transfer card was replenished.



Ferguson in Flames

SrWoodchuck   Posted Yesterday, 09:49 PM





Via iOTWReports-TheReaganiteRepublican:  http://reaganiterepu...ce.blogspot.com

Ferguson in Flames

SrWoodchuck   Posted Yesterday, 09:42 PM








Ferguson in Flames

clearvision   Posted Yesterday, 09:15 PM

Looks like we are prepped here....




Georgetown is another suburb of Austin.

Ginsburg has heart surgery

Valin   Posted Yesterday, 08:32 PM

She has a heart?



Oh she has a heart (all lefties do) the question is Does She Have A Brain?

Today's Toons 11/26/14

pookie18   Posted Yesterday, 06:22 PM

Yo, pookie18
From a commenter
"Bravo, Mr. Branca. Your best work yet."
Branca is close enough wink.png

Nice! Another conservative...if she doesn't rebel against her dad...