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INFOGRAPHIC: the impossibly long Code of Federal Regulations

Valin   Posted Today, 05:36 PM

Legal Insurrection:

Amy Miller   
Wednesday, May 27, 2015
When it comes to federal regulations, I find the “it shouldn’t be this complicated!” argument to be flawed. Of course it’s going to be complicated—the federal government regulates activity concerning 50 states, a military, a rambunctious federal District, and foreign relations. They’ve got a lot going on; hence, the rule making can’t really be confined to a few bullet points.
That being said, at some point, you have to turn off the spigot and get serious about just how many rules and regulations the federal government should be allowed to throw at the American people.
Earlier this year the Mercatus Center, a free-market economic think tank at George Mason University, created an infographic to illustrate just how ridiculous the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) has become—and why they had to create a computer program just to read all of it. Take a look:


California Drivers Taken for Ride by Liberal Billionaire Tom Steyer

Geee   Posted Today, 05:03 PM



What happened to her husband Tim Robbins? I don't keep up on this sort of thing.


I usually don't either - but they split a few years back.  She's big in to the women lib thing - maybe a woman giving a guy the heave ho for a sweet young thing was a liberation thinglaugh.png

Fiorina schedules press conference outside of Hillary Clinton non-press conference

Valin   Posted Today, 04:56 PM

Whatever Is Behind China's Spratly Island Showdown, It Isn't Drilling For Oil

Casino67   Posted Today, 04:41 PM


China is building airbases in the Spratly Islands of the South China Sea, dredging sand and dirt to create 2,000 acres of land where little more than rocky reefs existed before. Its biggest project is on Mischief Island, which sits less than 150 miles off  the Philippines’ Palawan Island but is 600 miles from China’s own Hainan Island. Like virtually all the of the Spratlys, Mischief is claimed by more than one country. China says it owns them all. The United States objects.


China is ratcheting up the tension in the Spratlys. China’s nationalist, Communist Party-controlled Global Times tabloid wrote this week that war between China and the United States would be “inevitable” if Washington continued to insist that Beijing stop its construction project. Yesterday China’s ambassador to Australia wrote an opinion piece for The West Australian newspaper that asserted China’s “indisputable sovereignty” over the islands.


All this over a bunch of islands? It sounds crazy. Why should we even care about the Spratly Islands?



Fiorina schedules press conference outside of Hillary Clinton non-press conference

Valin   Posted Today, 04:33 PM

Hot Air:

Jazz Shaw

May 27, 2015


The hat tip for this story goes to Jammie Wearing Fools who offer a note to other GOP candidates: This is how you do it.



    Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina and Democratic front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton will cross paths Wednesday in South Carolina. And the Republican — the only woman among the vast GOP field — will try to show up Clinton by holding a regular old press conference…


    “Carly Fiorina is speaking in downtown Columbia, SC on Wednesday. And guess what? So is Hillary Clinton,” Fiorina spokeswoman Sarah I. Flores wrote in an e-mail Tuesday.


    Clinton will be inside the Columbia hotel shortly thereafter, holding another in her series of campaign roundtables.


    “Our events tomorrow are all open to the press. And by open press, we mean we’ll actually take questions,” Flores wrote.



Hillary will be inside the Columbia Marriott today, but the coverage of her next, “no questions please” meeting with carefully vetted participants may be somewhat muted if Fiorina is outside fielding whatever inquiries the press may have. The contrast between the actions of the two candidates is rather stark and it’s the kind of catnip that the press corps can’t resist, even if many of them would rather be helping Clinton out. If you leave the reporters to their own devices for too long they’re eventually going to find something else to talk about and Fiorina is providing the perfect script for them.








I would just like to add...Andrea This is what it looks like when you get your ass handed to you.

Obama-Clinton Benghazi narrative rebutted by Defense Department report

Valin   Posted Today, 04:17 PM

Surprise: State Department labeled Benghazi ‘terrorism event’ within hours
Guy Benson
May 27, 2015
This isn’t a “bombshell revelation” per se, because multiple strands of evidence have pointed to this truth for some time.  For starters, then-CIA director David Petraeus told CNN that the US government knew the Benghazi massacre was a terrorist act “almost immediately,” and a State Department email sent the morning after the attack accurately pinned the blame on Ansar al-Sharia.  Documents obtained by Judicial Watch last week revealed that both State and Defense quickly identified the deadly raid as the work of terrorists, citing evidence that the ambush was retaliation for the killing of a high-ranking jihadist and had been carefully planned for days.  And here’s Judicial Watch’s latest:
Another interesting tidbit:


Another State Department document lists 18 Embassy and other State Department sites in the Middle East, Africa, and UK, all but one of which are listed as being targeted by “protests.” Benghazi is the only city that has no listing of “protests,” and lists instead the situation as “Attack on US Consulate.” The document is undated but seems to have been created a few days after the Benghazi attack.



I tend to fall into the camp that the “real” scandal of Benghazi isn’t so much the cynical, political cover-up, but rather the woefully inadequate security that allowed the slaughter to take place in the first place — in spite of repeated warnings and glaring warning signs.  The administration’s catastrophically failed Libya policy should also receive more attention than it does, especially given Sec. Clinton’s explicitly-stated “ownership/stewardship” of that trainwreck.  That being said, how can you not be disgusted by this?


Tony Blair resigns as Quartet's Mideast envoy

Valin   Posted Today, 04:08 PM

And here we see the basic problem...only one side really wants peace.




Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Blair had "made great efforts to advance stability in the region" helping to bridge Israeli, Palestinians gaps "in times of crisis."


Netanyahu hoped that Blair "will be able to continue contributing from his experience on behalf of regional peace and stability," a statement from the Israeli leader's office said.


Former Israeli foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman praised Blair as a "true friend of Israel." He said had made "great efforts" to resolve its conflicts with Arab neighbors, and improve Israeli, British ties while he served as British prime minister from 1997 until he stepped down in 2007.


A senior Palestinian official, Hanan Ashrawi, was dismissive of Blair, telling Reuters that his departure had been anticipated. She said he had had a minimal impact on Quartet diplomacy and shown "bias toward the Israeli side."


Rick Santorum Joins Republican 2016 Presidential Race

Valin   Posted Today, 04:05 PM

NY Times:


MAY 27, 2015


CABOT, Pa. — Rick Santorum, who was the runner-up in the Republican primary race four years ago but has never been considered his party’s heir apparent, announced his second presidential bid on Wednesday.


A former senator from Pennsylvania, who with his wife home-schooled several of their seven children, Mr. Santorum appeals primarily to social conservatives. He is facing heavy competition for those voters this year from rivals like Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, former Gov. Mike Huckabee of Arkansas and the retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson.


Mr. Santorum, 57, was the surprise winner of the Iowa caucuses in 2012, thanks to evangelical Christian voters, and he went on to win 10 other states, dragging out Mitt Romney’s quest for the nomination. This time he hopes to catch a second wave with a strategy of broadening his message beyond social issues to an economic populism he calls “blue-collar conservatism.”







Flub #1 His speech is not online.

Tony Blair resigns as Quartet's Mideast envoy

Casino67   Posted Today, 03:58 PM


The Quarter - which includes the U.S., the European Union, Russia and the United Nations — appointed the former British prime minister to the post in 2007 with the goal of helping develop the Palestinian economy and institutions.




Former British prime minister Tony Blair is standing down as the Quartet representative in the Middle East, the organization said on Wednesday, after eight years struggling to break ground in peacemaking between Israel and the Palestinians.


Officials close to the Quartet of the United States, European Union, United Nations and Russia, said Blair, 62, would continue to play an informal role in trying to forge a two-state solution between the Palestinians and Israel.


A Quartet statement said Blair "plans to step aside" and expressed appreciation for what it called his "unwavering commitment to the cause of Israeli-Palestinian peace" and efforts to improve the Palestinian economy.





Coffee Shop

Casino67   Posted Today, 03:52 PM




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