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Itís Here: Trump And Clinton To Face Off In First Debate

Draggingtree   Posted Today, 02:25 PM

The Andrew Klavan Show

Episode 195: When Evil Met Stupid

September 27, 2016


Many of you watching the debate last night might have been thinking to yourself: “Holy crap, my country is going down the toilet in a gigantic whirl of offal that resembles one candidate who is a neurotic ignoramus and another who is the incarnation of evil…” Scissors-32x32.png            https://ricochet.com/podcast/evil-met-stupid/

Old Bush Chief of Staff Sununu Defects To Trump

Draggingtree   Posted Today, 02:21 PM

There Surgent:

Old Bush Chief of Staff Sununu Defects To Trump

By Steve Berman  |  September 27, 2016, 03:00pm

The entire Bush family will be voting for someone other than Donald J. Trump, but former Bush 41 chief of staff John Sununu is on the Trump Train.


“Donald Trump is the only candidate in this race who can bring bold change to Washington D.C. I support the Trump-Pence ticket for their pro-growth agenda and commitment to protecting American interests. Republicans, Independents and smart Democrats need to come together to elect Donald Trump and Mike Pence.” – Governor John H. Sununu


Sununu’s endorsement goes against the political grain of Granite State elites, where even the conservative Manchester Union Leader punted on Trump for Libertarian Gary Johnson. It’s amusing and instructive to read publisher Joseph McQuaid’s statement on that. Scissors-32x32.png


Gary Johnson: I Would Pardon Edward Snowden

Draggingtree   Posted Today, 02:14 PM

The Real Ed Snowden Is a Patsy, a Fraud and a Kremlin-Controlled Pawn


Few American defectors to Moscow ever return home—most fade away in a haze of vodka and regret


By John R. Schindler • 09/19/16 3:15pm

I’ve closely followed the saga of Edward Snowden from the moment the former CIA and NSA IT contractor grabbed the global limelight with both hands back on June 12, 2013 by appearing in the Chinese media, exposing American government secrets on a scale nobody had ever done before.


I insisted from the outset that Snowden was not the whistleblower he claimed to be, rather an attention-seeking narcissist, and that certainly once he landed in Moscow on June 23, 2013—and quite possibly before—he was in bed with Russian intelligence. Moreover, Snowden’s 1.5 million stolen documents were nearly all about NSA foreign intelligence and Pentagon military matters—not domestic surveillance. In short, the Snowden saga as presented to the public by Ed and his media enablers was a fantasy.


Now, more than three years later, my position—which garnered me criticism and epic amounts of social media trolling—has been vindicated by several sources,

including the U.S. Congress. Oliver Stone’s apologia-as-film about Snowden has just opened, to decidedly mixed reviews    Scissors-32x32.png  http://observer.com/2016/09/the-real-ed-snowden-is-a-patsy-a-fraud-and-a-kremlin-controlled-pawn/

The Great September 26th Debate: Live thread commentary

Geee   Posted Today, 02:10 PM

You're proud of this?




This was another huge opening for a comeback. In fact the whole statement was. She was pointing out so many of her failures one after one as successes. I cringed when he let it pass.

The Great September 26th Debate: Live thread commentary

SrWoodchuck   Posted Today, 02:01 PM

You're proud of this?



The Great September 26th Debate: Live thread commentary

SrWoodchuck   Posted Today, 01:54 PM

Oops! Hillary Suffers Brain Glitch During Opening Remarks (VIDEO)



In her opening remarks in the biggest US Presidential debate in history, Hillary Clinton had a glitch similar to a record skip. This was not unexpected with all of the recent news about her health. At the 3:37 minute into the debate, Hillary short circuited.


"Hillary: …We also have to make the economy fairer. That starts with raising the national minimum wage and also guarantee …&?!… Finally equal pay for women’s work. I also want to see more companies do profit sharing."



Coffee Shop

SrWoodchuck   Posted Today, 01:21 PM

Leaked FBI Data Reveal 7,700 Terrorist Encounters in USA in One Year; Border States Most Targeted http://www.breitbart.com/texas/2016/09/26/leaked-fbi-data-reveal-7700-terrorist-encounters-usa-one-year-border-states-targeted/


Leaked documents with sensitive FBI data exclusively obtained by Breitbart Texas reveal that 7,712 terrorist encounters occurred within the United States in one year and that many of those encounters occurred near the U.S.-Mexico border. The incidents are characterized as “Known or Suspected Terrorist Encounters.” Some of the encounters occurred near the U.S.-Mexico border at ports-of-entry and some occurred in between, indicating that persons known or reasonably suspected of being terrorists attempted to sneak into the U.S. across the border. In all, the encounters occurred in higher numbers in border states.

Some of the documents pertain to the entire U.S., while others focus specifically on the state of Arizona. The documents are labeled, “UNCLASSIFIED/LAW ENFORCEMENT SENSITIVE” and contain data from the FBI-administered Terrorist Screening Center, the organization maintaining the Terrorist Screening Database, also known as the “Terror Watch List.”


Page Six shows a pie chart indicating that the majority of encounters in Arizona were with Islamic known or suspected terrorists, both Sunni and Shi’a. Eighty-nine encounters were Sunni, 56 were Shi’a, 70 were “Other International Terrorist Groups or Affiliates,” and only 52 were with “Domestic Terrorism.”

Coffee Shop

SrWoodchuck   Posted Today, 01:16 PM


Thanks, Valin. Chuck has his head screwed on straight...as my Father used to encourage me to do as well. BluntForceTruth: http://bluntforcetruth.com

Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke detains disorderly passenger aboard American Airlines flight

Geee   Posted Today, 01:01 PM

Washington Times:

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke detained a drunk and disorderly passenger who personally berated him aboard an American Airlines flight over the weekend.

Preston Bluntson, 36, was arrested and booked by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department around 7:10 p.m. Saturday after he reportedly got belligerent with passengers and airline staff.

The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office said in a press release that Sheriff Clarke was on the flight from Milwaukee to Charlotte, North Carolina, when the man became “intoxicated, loud and profane and began harassing flight crew and passengers.”

The sheriff eventually got out of his seat and told the man to “chill out,” the release said.

“Several times during the flight he yelled to everyone that Sheriff Clarke was on the plane,” it continued.Scissors-32x32.png

Homegrown terrorists to target concerts, sporting events, DHS warns

Geee   Posted Today, 01:00 PM

Washington Times:

U.S.-based terrorists are likely focused on mass killings at festivals, concerts, sporting events and other outdoor events, says a confidential report by the Department of Homeland Security’s intelligence and analysis branch

The Sept. 23 warning was issued in the wake of a string of bombings in Manhattan and New Jersey for which an Afghan-born Muslim, Ahmad Khan Rahami, was apprehended in a gun fight.

The report says the “most likely tactics” would involve “edged weapons, small arms, vehicle assaults and possibly IEDs [improvised explosive devices], said the report, a copy of which was obtained by The Washington Times.

The Islamic State terror organization has urged Muslims on social media to use vehicles to achieve mass killings, as was done in July in Nice, France, by an IS-inspired killer.

“I&A assesses that commercial facilities—such as festivals, concerts, outdoor events, and other mass gatherings—remain a potential target for terrorists or HVEs, as they often pursue simple, achievable attacks with an emphasis on economic impact and mass casualties,” the Homeland Security report said.”Scissors-32x32.png