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  5. Free Beacon China's military is expected to deploy a laser weapon capable of destroying or damaging U.S. military satellites in low earth orbit in the next year, the Pentagon's Defense Intelligence Agency disclosed in a report on space threats. The Chinese directed energy weapon is among an array of space warfare tools that include ground-based anti-satellite (ASAT) missiles, electronic jammers, cyber attacks, and small satellites Beijing plans to use in attacks on U.S. satellites in a future conflict.
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  7. National Review The Democrats swept to power in Congress by campaigning in a way that has been successful for Democrats for generations. “Republicans will take away your health care,” they said, after having focus-grouped it. Now we are preparing for a 2020 campaign in which Donald Trump and Republicans can as easily advertise to the public: “Democrats will take away cows, and your car.” What happened to Democrats? Back in November, it looked like Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic House caucus had found the perfect plan for their party in the era of Trump: Avoid talking about impeachment and stick to simple bread-and-butter issues. Don’t tell swing voters that they are deplorable for having supported Donald Trump, instead, promise to protect the most popular features of Obamacare. Also, remind voters that Republicans cut taxes for the rich. Except for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who ran in a deep-blue district, most of the boundary-pushing progressive candidates lost their elections. All signs pointed to the idea that Democrats just had to be the normal party, and the upper Midwest would snap back in 2020. But progressives have decided to push the envelope anyway. Fearing a conservative majority on the Supreme Court, blue states such as New York, Rhode Island, and Virginia set about passing expanded legal protections for various later-term abortions. This led to the governor of Virginia’s unforgettable discussion about providing “comfort” to a child born out of a botched abortion before “a decision” is made about whether that child should live or be made to die.
  8. Law Professor Jonathan Turley Explains Difference Between Obamacare Case And Trump's National Emerge
  10. Fox News President Trump said Friday he is declaring a national emergency on the southern border, tapping into executive powers in a bid to divert billions toward construction of a wall even as he plans to sign a funding package that includes just $1.4 billion for border security. “We’re going to confront the national security crisis on our southern border … one way or the other, we have to do it,” Trump said in the Rose Garden.
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  12. Bill Barr's Hot Mess Kimberley A. Strassel February 14, 2019 It’s fitting that William Barr’s confirmation as attorney general happened just as two powerful law-enforcement figures were trading accusations involving President Trump. Mr. Barr’s greatest challenge isn’t antitrust deals, immigration policy or even handling special counsel Robert Mueller. His overriding challenge is to reboot a Justice Department that has shredded its reputation and lost the confidence of Congress and the public. It’s hard to feel confident in law enforcement when a former deputy director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Andrew McCabe, reveals that a small cabal of unelected senior law-enforcement officers held meetings in May 2017 to plot Mr. Trump’s removal from office. In an interview with “60 Minutes” that aired Thursday and a forthcoming book, Mr. McCabe says he and other officials, including Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, did head-counts of which cabinet officials might vote to declare the president “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office” under the 25th Amendment. Mr. McCabe claims Mr. Rosenstein repeatedly offered to wear a wire when meeting with Mr. Trump. (Snip) That’s Mr. Barr’s opening. For the first time in this presidency, the Justice Department will have a leader who is apart from the Russia stink—neither accused of “collusion” nor obsessed with finding it. He’s also uniquely suited to understand the importance of credibility and accountability, having worked in the 1970s at the Central Intelligence Agency, then under intense fire. The first measure of the “independence” Mr. Barr promised in his confirmation hearings will be his ability to assess ruthlessly the institution he’s about to join and come clean with the public on two key questions—the “whether” and the “how” of 2016. (Snip) Mr. Barr may be tempted to fob all this off on the investigations by the U.S. attorney for Utah, John Huber, or the Justice Department inspector general. But Mr. Huber appears to have done little by way of investigation, the inspector general’s report could still be a long way out, and in any event these questions merit answers from the nation’s top legal officer. Mr. Barr needs this job like he needs a hole in the head. But if he spends the next years rebuilding trust in federal law enforcement, he’ll have performed an immense public service.
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  14. Thoughts From the Ammo Line Scott Johnson Feb. 15 2019 Ammo Grrrll covers the Jussie Smollett case in CHICAGO IS MAGA COUNTRY? WHO KNEW? She writes: In the late ’70s there was a horrendous spate of child murders in the Atlanta area. Once it became clear that a serial monster was on the loose, people sprang into action. It was all little black children, almost all boys. Racist slanders to the contrary, white people were just as appalled as black people. Committees were formed, ribbons were worn, buttons were sold that said, “Stop the Racist Murders.” OBVIOUSLY, it was racist, right? Who in their right mind would believe that a black man had done such hideous things to black children? Then they arrested Wayne Williams for two murders and seemed to connect him to several others. He was black and the community reeled, so much so that there is still doubt that he was the one. (Snip) And who did this to him? Oh, but of course. Two white men who “recognized” him in a television drama not 12 white people in America probably watch, all bundled up in clothes in the dark so that probably his own mother couldn’t have recognized him. My former gay, black hairdresser, now, sadly, dead of AIDS, said when he moved from the South to Minneapolis in winter, he thought he was the only black person in Minnesota because people were so bundled up at the bus stop that he couldn’t even tell their race. Jussie’s racist attackers were just a couple of icky white people out at 2:00 a.m. carrying a bottle of bleach and a rope — on spec — just in CASE a random black or gay person happened to be out on the street looking for something to eat. Yes, happens all the time. Because Trump. (Snip) And what if everything Jussie said happened turns out to be true? Well, that would be a sickening criminal incident, not unlike what the elderly victims of the “Knock-out Game” must have experienced. Never heard of the Knock-out Game? There’s a reason for that – the elderly white people who were smashed in the face were hit by young thugs of color as a kind of contest to see who could render an old white person unconscious with one punch. Did Cory Booker or Nancy Pelosi ever weigh in on that, propose “anti-geezer beating” legislation, or send wishes for a speedy recovery to the victims? If not, then I have lost interest in their crocodile tears now. And those attacks actually happened. UPDATE: At American Thinker Taylor Day reports on the latest developments in the case.
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  19. @Geee Here's the thing, we're coming up on 17 1/2 years since That Day and it appears (from reading the comments) people aren't taking the threat of Islamic terrorism seriously. They think we are protected...We're Not. The only reason they haven't done anything like this is because we are fighting them over there. Now we have supposedly intelligent people (on the right) who want to pull us out. You know how I always say stupidity is a equal opportunity trait? "Delta88 • 3 hours ago Couldn't happen to more deserving peopel. Is hollywood a friend of mine? Its occurred to me more then a few times that I wish that they had blown up hollywood instead of those stupid twin towers. That would have done us all a favor. But just promise me this, if they blow up Christian bashing pervert hollywood, lets stay out of it. Lets not send Christian children to fight wars against the Arabs for open border liberal hollywood. While hollywood marches down the street with linda sour sour calling us islamaphobic and white supremacists." Here we see an example. And IF something like this were to happen Delta88 would be one of the 1st running around screaming and hollering Nuke Mecca...round up and deport all Muslims...etc...etc /rant
  20. PJ Media An ISIS-supporting group posted an image online depicting an explosion at the top of the third-tallest office tower in downtown Los Angeles. Though ISIS backers operating under a number of media alliances regularly craft and circulate threats and recruitment propaganda in the form of posters and video, Los Angeles is rarely featured as a target. The online jihadists trend toward threatening New York, Washington, Las Vegas, and large European cities. The new image shows a camouflage-clad jihadist holding an ISIS flag with the evening L.A. skyline in the background and the glow of flames photoshopped coming from the hillside beneath his feet. An explosion is photoshopped onto the top of the Aon Center, the 62-story tower at 707 Wilshire Blvd. in the city's financial district. The original photo used appears to be from Shutterstock. The words above the image: "Our promise will soon be fulfilled."
  21. Two Nigerian immigrants to be charged for Jussie Smollett 'hate crime' It has been two and a half weeks since Jussie Smollett reported that he was the victim of a hate crime, and in that time, his story has fallen apart completely. Recent developments in the case have suggested that the Empire actor staged his own assault with the help of two others in a desperate attempt to stay relevant as his character was possibly being written off the show. A CBS Chicago reporter broke the news Thursday evening that the home of the two "persons of interests" in the widely circulated community alert was raided by Chicago police. In that raid, they seized a list of items including multiple containers of bleach, a "red hat," an Empire script, a Mossberg rifle, and two computers. The home is occupied by the two men, and at least one is an extra on Jussie Smollett's show, Empire. The pair left for their home country of Nigeria immediately after the "attack."
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  23. The little boy placing the MAGA hat on N.P.’s head during the tv image took the cake!
  24. Menendez Should Talk. . . about being compromised.
  25. National Review The Editors Feb 1 2019 In Rhode Island, legislators are considering a bill to put their state on par with New York by repealing nearly all existing protections for unborn life. It is part of a national campaign by Democrats to use deceptive marketing to enshrine a regime of elective abortion through all nine months of pregnancy. The Reproductive Health Care Act (RHCA) allows abortion for any reason before fetal viability and stipulates that the state may not restrict abortion after that point “when necessary to preserve the health or life of that individual.” Like the Reproductive Health Act in New York and the recently defeated abortion expansion in Virginia, the bill carefully avoids defining “health.” This language is an unenforceable limitation and essentially amounts to a legalization of abortion up to the point of birth for any reason. The bill is already cosponsored by more than half the members of the Rhode Island house. Democratic governor Gina Raimondo, a self-professed moderate, has vowed to sign it, writing of the bill, “I believe that no one should get in the middle of a decision between a woman and her doctor and that no woman should have to [choose] between health care and making ends meet.” The bill’s supporters say it would merely codify Roe v. Wade, spin included in the bill text. Too few voters realize that the Supreme Court’s precedents effectively create a right to late-term abortion........(Snip) ___________________________________________________________________________________ Democratic Party...The Party Of DEATH
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