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  2. Enjoy your day Pookie. I enjoyed the “Toons.”
  3. Click here for 2018 Today's Toons Favorites Voting Thread (Final Round) Click below for another opinion: Click below for another opinion: Click below for related story: Click below for related story: This Thread Brought To You By The Letters C & L: In Case You Missed It Dept.: Progressive Enjoying TV Show She'll Denounce As 'Extremely Problematic' Within Five Years (Thank you, Reaganite_Republican)
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  5. I like it that Carl Rove calls Beto by his real name -- Robert Francis.
  6. So what should be done to address visa overstays? "I don't know," O'Rourke said, pausing an a lengthy interview. Well at least he admits it.....unlike so many others.
  7. Whoops: CNN Analyst Accuses Conservative Radio Host Of White Privilege — Things Get Awkward When She Finds Out He's Black
  8. The Blaze Former congressman Beto O'Rourke is still doing a delicate balancing act on the proverbial fence on national issues, answering a host of direct questions quite evasively during a recent interview with The Washington Post. Possibly the most notable bit of equivocating came when the potential 2020 hopeful was asked whether the United States could implement sweeping change while staying true to the principles on which the nation was founded: O'Rourke seemed very aware that his doubts about the relevance of the Constitution would be alarming to some readers. And his hesitance to take hard stances on anything was a theme throughout the interview. For example, when he was asked about Trump's decision to withdraw from Syria: In addition to that non-answer, O'Rourke offered this on the problem of illegal immigration: O'Rourke has made a point to emphasize that most illegal immigrants in the U.S. are the result of visa overstays, not illegal border crossers. Still, he doesn't seem to have ideas on what to do about that. He just knows he opposes the border wall. ________ Beto the anti-Constitutionalist.
  9. Fox News Liberal New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is rolling out a new plan that would potentially allow the city government to seize buildings of landlords who force tenants out -- a plan his opponents say amounts to “straight communism.” De Blasio, in his State of the City address on Thursday, announced he wants to take action against landlords who try to force tenants out by making the property unliveable -- and pulled out an executive order to create a Mayor’s Office to Protect Tenants. He said that in the event the government intervenes, the buildings would then be controlled by a “community nonprofit.” DE BLASIO SAYS MODERATES NEVER LEARNED 'LESSONS OF 2016,' URGES BOLD LIBERAL AGENDA “When a landlord tries to push out a tenant by making their home unlivable, a team of inspectors and law enforcement agents will be on the ground to stop it in time,” he said, according to the New York Daily News. “If the fines and the penalties don’t cut it, we will seize their buildings and we will put them in the hands of a community nonprofit that will treat tenants with the respect they deserve.” According to the mayor’s website, the city is “pursuing new local law to seize upwards of 40 of the most distressed multiple dwelling buildings annually and transition them to responsible, mission driven ownership.” The city reportedly has gone easy on problem landlords in the past. The New York Times reported last year that officials have taken a "gentle hand with landlords who deprive tenants of basic services, declining to enforce the maximum penalties for even the worst offenders," detailing how "neglected repairs" end up forcing tenants out. Republicans, though, were disturbed by the extent of Hizzoner's plan and charged the idea was more suited to communist dictatorships where land and property seizures are commonplace. “My first reaction was: Is this communist Cuba?” state Assemblymember Nicole Malliotakis, who ran against De Blasio in the 2017 mayoral race, told Fox News. “ I can say that as a daughter of Cuban refugees who fled Castro’s Cuba in 1959, this is what happened to her family, she had her home taken, my grandfather had his gas station taken.” “This is extreme even for Mayor de Blasio, because we know that he has socialist leanings, but this is straight communism and I think it’s very scary to America-loving, democracy-loving people.” ________ Bill's land grab?
  10. Washington Examiner Diana Stancy Correll January 15, 2019 Former Obama administration officials must answer written questions under oath about the 2012 Benghazi terror attacks in Libya as part of a court-ordered discovery related to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s unauthorized email server, conservative watchdog Judicial Watch announced Tuesday. Despite objections from the Justice Department and State Department, United States District Judge Royce Lamberth ruled that discovery could commence examining Clinton’s use of the server. As a result, a group of nearly 10 top State Department and White House officials during the Obama administration will be deposed under oath as Judicial Watch seeks to uncover whether the 2012 Benghazi terror attacks in Libya was a factor in “keeping Mrs. Clinton’s email secret.” “In a major victory for accountability, Judge Lamberth today authorized Judicial Watch to take discovery on whether the Clinton email system evaded FOIA and whether the Benghazi scandal was one reason for keeping Mrs. Clinton’s email secret,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said in a statement. “Today, Judicial Watch issued document requests and other discovery to the State Department about the Clinton email scandal. Next up, we will begin questioning key witnesses under oath.” (Snip) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________
  11. AP News WASHINGTON (AP) — The Latest on Republican Rep. Steve King of Iowa (all times local): 7:20 p.m. The House has approved a Democratic measure disapproving of Republican Rep. Steve King’s comments about white supremacy. The nine-term Iowa congressman was among those supporting the measure, which was approved, 424-1. King says he agrees with South Carolina Democratic Rep. James Clyburn, the resolution’s sponsor, that white supremacy is an evil that cannot be ignored. King’s racist comments have been widely condemned by members of both parties in recent days. King says the ideology of white supremacy “never shows up in my head” and that he does “not know how it could possibly come out of my mouth.” Democratic Rep. Bobby Rush of Illinois opposed the measure, saying the House should take the more serious step of censuring King for his “repugnant and racist behavior.” Last week, King said in an interview, “White nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization — how did that language become offensive?” ________ The fall of the King.
  12. Sorry that happened, Proof! I never do anything like that. Since I see your stuff, I probably posted the original in July. Had I recalled posting it previously, I'd have skipped the counterfeit this time...
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  14. In the "credit where credit is due" department, the Wizard of Oz 'shop, eight from the bottom, was mine from last July. Someone cropped the credits off it.
  15. The Sun Jan 15, 2019 THERESA May could be gone within 24 hours after her Brexit deal suffered the worst defeat in British history. The PM is set to hold a confidence vote in herself after 432 MPs voted to kill off the withdrawal agreement with only 202 backing her. But she has insisted she WILL force her deal through the Commons eventually - claiming it's the only way to deliver Brexit. J eremy Corbyn is now set to table a no-confidence motion in the Government which could come as soon as tomorrow..
  16. My pleasure, mass55th!
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  22. 1791 Jan. 13 2019 Transcript X-Posted Hinge of History
  23. Jan. 13 2019 Transcript No Answers, but some interesting questions & observations
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